Sunday 28 December 2008

Slipping and sliding t'wards 2009

Where did the year go?! 2008 has whizzed past at breakneck speed and we're being hurtled towards 2009 in the blink of an eyelid it seems! Christmas came and went in a flurry of family visits, rich food and gift exchanges and I must admit, I am relishing a few peaceful moments to myself this afternoon - not that it hasn't been wonderful to see everyone, but the time has definitely come for some well-earned rest and relaxation.

For those of you still curious to know, my Christmas cake was iced just in the nick of time and no, the icing didn't set, instead it slipped casually from the cake to the stand for several infuriating hours. It did eventually adhere but sadly, without the pretty snowy peaks I had planned. Undeterred, I popped into the garden in my slippers late in the evening and snipped our holly bush to utilise the leaves as camouflage. There's no accounting for taste and strangely enough this hotch potch of a cake received many an enthusiastic compliment at our family get together on Christmas Eve!


  1. Paula,
    Your cake looks fabulous with the holly around -it-that was quick thinking! I'm definitely with you on the peace and quiet - I'm looking forward to that tomorrow. Glad you had a lovely Christmas with family.



  2. Aren't people polite....? :)

    I am being cheeky. Your cake looks great! Now have a good rest Paula. You deserve it! - Dave

  3. your cake looks stunning Paula :) I had the same thing with biscuits I was trying to ice, I had visions of beautifully drizzled icing in lines but instead it was just blobs dripping off the sides! Oh well, they tasted good anyway :) Glad you had a nice Christmas, I don't know where this year has gone either, can't someone slow the clock down a bit ;) Beary Hugs for a very Happy New Year, Catherine xx (ps if you want a little relaxation I had a Christmas story I wrote for my illustrations on my blog) x

  4. Gasp!!!!! Oh, that's absolutely gorgeous! The holly looks beautiful too... I would havethought it was completely planned... looks like it's from a magazine page!

  5. Kim you really are way too kind! LOL!!!! The cake did taste good though!

    I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas time and I look forward to catching up with my blog reading soon! Catherine, I'm definitely going to pop over to read that story ... I'm looking forward to it!


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