Friday 31 March 2017

Colour me happy!

As I've mentioned before, whenever the mood takes me and I can squeeze a few spare hours, I have been trying to teach myself to draw ... not only to battle old artistic demons, (leftover from disappointed art teachers whilst at school!) but mostly because it now completely absorbs me and I find it very relaxing. I have been keeping an art journal and with the help of an online course, recently completed my first pastel face ...

I genuinely had no idea I could ever achieve this!  

Now of course, I have the bug and am itching to learn how to draw anything and everything, so have treated myself to a posh set of pastel pencils and am looking forward to colouring my world!


Sniffin' the breeze

It's been all about dogs today. :First, a town based obedience training session for Betty featuring scary traffic, echoe-y subways, crazy people (!) busy pavements, litter, the river, ducks, pigeons, steep steps, a wobbly bridge, ... you name it, we had it thrown our way. I was so proud of my little 'un, she coped brilliantly and definitely earned a run in the park with her little staffy pal afterwards.

Home for a bite of lunch, then 'ding dong, round 2'!  A lovely off lead walk with Polly through pretty woodland and an orchard, then across a couple of huge fields, pausing to sniff occasional blades of grass, leaves and of course, the breeze! Eventually we turned back to retrace our steps and headed home at a leisurely pace. I love walking with my big girl in the Spring sunshine and except a few bulldozers carving up the local landscape (grrr!) there wasn't a soul to be seen today.



Monday 27 March 2017

Mother's Day

I not afraid to say, I absolutely love Mother's Day! 

Whilst others may complain of its crass commercialism, I delight in the opportunity to spend time with my children, both of whom now live independently. I love the gentle fuss of Mothering Sunday of course, who wouldn't? (!) but most of all, I just love having my kids back home with me for a few very precious hours, laughing, joking, teasing me and making sure I know that grown-up as they now are, they will always care. Yes, they do that other days too, but the point is, they never fail to do it on Mother's Day.

I loved our time together strolling along the riverbank and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows in the Spring sunshine yesterday afternoon.

Thank you so much kids, for always making the time to be with me.

Love you loads,
Mum xxx


Saturday 25 March 2017

A Primrose

I finished work on a lovely teddy bear yesterday, a commission to celebrate the new season.

20" 'Primrose'

As I have mentioned before, finding pretty yellow mohair for large bears isn't always easy, so I was thrilled to find a gorgeous primrose yellow mohair recently. It has been fun to knit for this project, although I confess, calculating the sizing for her short sleeved cardigan proved a bit of a headache! It was worth the struggle though, as that purple yarn and yellow mohair look stunning together. Oh, and I hope you'll agree, my pretty crochet flowers add a perfect 'Spring time' flourish to this lovely teddy girl's outfit!


Thursday 23 March 2017

A view point ..

I took this photograph of Westminster Bridge, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, from a river boat, whilst bobbing on the Thames one rather chilly April day, three years ago. My husband and I were in high spirits, enjoying the sights as we celebrated his 50th birthday.

It's impossible not to be awestruck when you experience this view of the heart and soul of our democratic nation, either from the river ... or if you happen to be strolling across Westminster Bridge.

Since I was a child I have loved visiting London. The architecture makes such a proud statement against the horizon, a statement of steadfast belief in freedom, respect, equality and the future. It feels as though the River Thames pulls you on its journey through the Capital's history, right into the here and now.

Like so many other tourists, I have paused on Westminster Bridge, to take happy snaps of my loved ones, enjoying the colourful hustle and bustle, whilst hoping to hear Big Ben declare the hour.

And like so many other tourists over so many years, I have also wandered through Westminster, eager to photograph the bricks and mortar of our country's Government.

When I heard the news of yesterday's terror on Westminster Bridge, perhaps selfishly, my first thoughts were for the safely of my children because they work in London. Thankfully I was quickly reassured. The timing for other families was tragically less fortuitous ...

I really don't understand how anyone justifies terror, nor how anyone believes human lives should be so instantly dispensable. 

No-one has the right to steal the future from innocent bystanders. 

No-one has the right to strike terror.

I fear that crossing Westminster Bridge may never feel quite so free again.

Happy National Puppy Day!

So today is 'National Puppy Day' ... who knew?!

Never one to miss an opportunity to share pics of my girls, here they are at 7 weeks old, the cutest puppies you ever did see. 

Gotta love a puppy pic eh? One, two, three, all together now ... aw!

Happy National Puppy Day everyone, 
with love from my pair 'o pickles, the delightfully chunky Miss Polly Dog (top right/bottom left) and her adorably cheeky little sister, Miss Betty Boo.


Wednesday 22 March 2017

Thirty four years..

I remember so clearly, reclining in a hospital bed with my firstborn child swaddled against my knees, gazing at that tiny bundle in complete wonder. Today it really doesn't seem possible that the incredible day which changed my life forever, was thirty four years ago!

I couldn't be more proud of the gentle, loyal, clever, funny, thoughtful, generous, caring, beautiful and determined woman, my daughter has become. She has always faced life's challenges with dignity, grace, humour and wisdom ... she is a very special girl indeed.

Happy 34th birthday to you Fay,
You make me so proud, each and every day.
I wish you the world.
All my love to you, forever.
Mum xxx

Monday 20 March 2017

A Spring Kitten

Who can resist a Spring kitten needing a kind home eh? 
Not me apparently!

This cheeky little scrap will shortly be taking up residence with us. He will need a name (and just to complicate matters 'he' may well turn out to be 'she', which is unlikely, but not completely unheard of for a ginger cat) so I had better put on my thinking cap.


Since losing her pal Daisy a few weeks ago, my lovely Puddle has become a bit mopey (cats know ya know), so I am hoping a new kitten will help brighten her days as she has never been without kitty company. Moggies have been part of my family for more than thirty years and at one point, I had as many as five furry felines living together (and a dog!) ... all rehomed from uncertain futures. Now there is only Puddle at home, so I think it's time to move forward from Daisy's sad demise and squeeze in a brand new scrappy cat to keep her company.


Fingers crossed Puddle accepts her new playmate - cats can be contrary after all! She is a very gentle girl though, so I think catty curiosity is most likely to win her round.  I look forward to sharing further news and pics when little 'un joins us in a few weeks' time.

And of course, I am very excited about our new addition to the family ... kittens in springtime are so much fun!


Monday 13 March 2017

Signs of Spring

I've just returned from a walk with my girls ... the sun is absolutely glorious today! Daffodils are bobbing cheerily on grass verges and yes, Spring is most definitely in the air. The sun didn't quite manage to shine on our Sunday afternoon walk from Teston to Nettlestead yesterday, but the weather was noticeably milder than of late and we thoroughly enjoyed our long hike, spotting the first signs of Spring along the riverbank. Polly and Betty enjoyed their walk too, taking every opportunity to gambol around like Spring lambs.

I love Spring, it's always such a delight to watch the countryside wakening from Winter's grey slumber.  It is also a season which never fails to inspire creativity!

Drawing in progress

As I have mentioned before, I am teaching myself to draw and funnily enough, the gentle Spring palette in the picture above, wasn't actually a conscious decision ... I think the change in season crept up on my creative self!

Primrose teddy bear commission

And of course, Spring is a wonderful time for creating new teddy bears.  I am currently working on a special commission for a collector who wants to celebrate the new season with a primrose yellow teddy. This afternoon I intend to sit in the sunshine in my conservatory for the very first time this year, to knit her a cardigan.

Spring has sprung along the River Medway

Incidentally, I am holding a mini Spring sale on my website this week ... Lisette and Treacle are hoping to find new owners, so who knows, perhaps a Spring discount might help them!


Tuesday 7 March 2017

A very special friendship

I am so very grateful for the past four fabulous years of very special friendship with this big, beautiful golden girl ...

Happy 4th Birthday to my Polly today!

:-)<3 span="">


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