Wednesday 17 December 2008

The Ghost of Tax Returns Unfiled

After spending the day collating receipts and boggling my poor head with spreadsheets, I am drained of festive spirit today. I loathe doing my Tax Return and delay the inevitable every year, but this year I have truly excelled myself with tardinness - never before have I left it quite so late! That horrible form really is designed to suck the pleasure right out of self-employment. Ah well, I'm almost done, thank heavens - I really didn't want the 'Ghost of Tax Returns Unfiled' looming over me during my Yuletide!

1908 Christmas postcards ... my most recent acquisition is the top one.

Speaking of which, (Christmas that is), on a much brighter note, I can at least share my new (well, actually very old) postcard with you. As you may have guessed, the collecting bug bit me after finding my earlier treasure and I couldn't believe my luck when this one featuring the self-same bear, this time at the helm of a sleigh, turned up at auction recently; that bear really knew how to enjoy his Christmas! It amazes me that here I am in 2008, holding something as simple as a little card designed to spread Christmas cheer an entire century ago ... isn't that something special!

If you look closely, you can just make out the date, handwritten 'Dec, 25th 1908'


  1. WOW WOW! This is very beautiful, too! I'd have to post some pics of my postcards someday- unfortunately, no teddies featured on them! Yours are treasures :)
    Monica x.

  2. What Luck! They are both lovely!

    Good luck with the tax form. Oh dear! My son who is self employed will be Mr Gloom if I mention it!

  3. I reckon you ought to make your own postcards, with your bears looking up at that gorgeous tree
    I think they'd be a winner...
    You could certainly do a calendar....
    Anji x x

  4. Old cards and letters, especially as old as these are really worth having if you are a sentimental fool, as I am too!I have a family letter about 120 years old and I treasure it. (It wasn't to me!) - Dave

  5. Just in case I don't squeeze any more blogging in - A very Merry Christmas to you , and the family , Paula . I have so enjoyed your visits over "at my place" this year !
    Beary Hugs ,
    Ruth :0)

  6. I do love these postcards, such delights and all the more special having some writing and gosh your last one is 100 years old! Such amazing condition! Very inspiring images :) Warm beary Hugs, Catherine xx (ps great photos of your decorations, I'm the same about not getting on with manuals!, I've just been trying to take photos of the birds in my garden through my window, will have to put them on my blog soon). x

  7. I done my tax return a couple of months ago.I have never been one for paperwork but it annoys me more to see it sitting there waiting to be done so I just get on with it.You will soon have yours finished.I always think hooray when it is finished!!!
    Have a great xmas and a happy new year.

  8. Paula,
    Hope your tax return is done by now. Thank goodness ours don't have to be done until the end of April!
    The postcards are fabulous! It is neat to think about where they have been and who has held them, isn't it? Have a lovely Christmas holiday with your family.



  9. Well done on getting your return done Paula - I still have mine to tackle! Merry Christmas! Jackie x

  10. Well, I have to confess, all the paperwork for the Tax Return is now complete, but is it filed yet? Oh no it isn't! I'm hoping to do that this afternoon ... please do hold me to it!!!!

    It's been lovely to hear from all of you throughout 2008 and to read your lovely blogs ... thank you so much for sharing mine x


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