Thursday 16 November 2017

Peggy Sue flew!

You may have blinked and missed this pretty teddy girl on my website today as she flew off the site within a nanosecond of making her debut.

15" Peggy Sue has been adopted

In fact, she was adopted so quickly, I didn't even have time to post my mailing list newsletter! Please accept my apologies if you were wondering why you hadn't received notification of my latest arrival.

I have several more lovely teddy bears planned for my website in the coming weeks, so please don't lose hope, your special bear may be just around the corner!


Sad news

Away with the fairies is a lovely place to be on a day when the world might seem a bit too topsy turvy to make sense of ...

Yesterday I heard the sad and unexpected news of Beatrix Harries' passing. She was the creator of the most beautiful, sweet faced teddy bears and a truly generous teacher of the bear making art. Beatrix was well respected internationally but more importantly, well liked within our magical world of teddy bears.  Beatrix, you gave so much of yourself through your creativity and it has been my pleasure to know you. Your lovely smile and wonderful bears will be missed by so many. 

Goodnight and sleep tight, lovely lady x

Wednesday 8 November 2017

One day, you will be old enough to read fairytales again

'One day you will be old enough to read fairy tales again' ... I stumbled across this lovely quote recently and for some reason, at the grand old age of fifty four, it struck a chord, inspiring me to start a new art journal. I plan to escape reality within those hot pressed pages, by filling it with fantastical characters and fanciful stories!

After all, no one should never be too old to believe in the magic of fairy tales, should they?!


Champagne and Oo-bi-doo

I've been working on a big teddy bear for a collector in the US ... 'I'll leave it up to you Paula' she said, when asked about mohair choices. So, I created this lovely big cuddle of a bear in the hope 'Champagne' might be the perfect bear for my collector and happily, he was!

22" Champagne

So yesterday was 'up, up and away' day for Champagne. I booked a courier collection for the afternoon and quite literally, jogged back from our local playground with my grandson and two dogs in tow, to ensure we could be home as the van pulled up, to hand our precious cargo over in person.  We waved the van off, then settled on the sofa to watch Disney's 'Jungle Book'. Oh how I love grey November afternoons snuggled with my Grandson, singing along to 'Oo-bi-doo!' and 'I'm the king of the swingers'! Fun, fun,fun!


Friday 3 November 2017

Success on a whim

I very nearly didn't enter the EBAA's year, but at the last minute, changed my mind and on a complete whim, entered my cloth teddy 'Lolly' ...

Lolly is a 2017 Excellence in Bear Artistry Award Winner!

Then I promptly forgot all about the competition until I received an email a few days ago, telling me my cloth bear has been honoured with a 2017 'Excellence in Bear Artistry' Award" ... as you can imagine, I am thrilled to bits with this unexpected news!


Thursday 2 November 2017

They're spooky and they're scary!

As regular readers will know, I have enjoyed the magical mayhem of Halloween since I was a very young girl. My favourite childhood stories always featured spooky witches and sad ghosts ... and even now, almost half a century later, I still clearly remember a picture from my favourite school library book featuring witches flying in silhouette across the night sky.

Halloween fun with my family

To be completely honest, I'm less than keen on playing dress-up these days (feeling my age I think!) but did scrape myself into a long black witchypoo cape, a pair of rather fetching black and orange striped tights, batty t-shirt and a small pointy hat, to join my family for some Halloween fun at my niece's house-warming party last weekend. 

Everyone rose to the occasion by dressing in Halloween finery for the evening. The house was dressed spectacularly in cobwebs, cackling witches, bats, spiders and carved pumpkins, with all manner of spooks dangling in dark corners. It was heaps of fun to see everyone in costume, although at first glance, quite tricky to work out who was who in some cases!

The party went with a swing and the dance floor quickly filled with an eclectic group of witches, ghostly pirates, skeletons, a vicar, a nun and even a ghostly jester! The children had a wonderful time (except my sweet little Great Niece, who is just a year old and was understandably a wee bit overwhelmed by the Halloween madness in her house). The older kids danced, apple bobbed and chased around excitedly, relishing the spooky atmosphere. As for our very own mini werewolf Toby, well, he soon had the hang of Halloween, dancing happily with the spooks, eating chocolate apples and at the grand old age of three, simply accepting the fact that sometimes adults behave rather strangely!


An INKRedibleTOBER inspiration

I am still busy teaching myself to draw and paint, so throughout October, took part in a fun challenge called #Inkredibletober.  The idea was to interpret Halloween prompts each day using ink in one form or another.  I didn't manage to complete the entire thirty one prompts, but I did do most, learned heaps and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge!

Here are a few of my favourite prompts ...

Last but not least, I squeezed in a little Trick or Treat teddy bear!

In fact I especially enjoyed drawing teddy bear scenes, so with Christmas on the distant horizon, I think I might try to paint a little festive teddy bear and if he turns out okay, could even be bold enough to turn him into a Christmas card ... fingers crossed!


Travelling Teddies

This teddy girl will be travelling far further than I ever have!  She will be heading all the way to Australia to meet her new owner.

It never ceases to amaze me when my teddies travel such incredible distances to meet new owners. Aside from the many who live in the UK, I have bears living in Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, America, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and Ireland! 

Wishing this little girl a safe journey to her new home.



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