Friday 27 July 2018

Hug Me

A lovely soulful teddy bear ... yes, 'Rochester' definitely achieved that all-important 'hug me' appeal!

19" Rochester has been adopted

In fact, Rochester's 'hug me' appeal was so strong, he flew from my website within moments of arriving this week and is now en route to his new owner in the USA!

Bon voyage Rochester!


Monday 16 July 2018

Cheeky Chappy

After my series of Harris Tweed teddy bears, I decided to take a break and head back to my mohair stash this week. The weather has been so warm, my bear-making has been slow going, but I did manage to finish this cheeky little chappy. 

Scamp is 13"

Scamp is just 13" tall and what he lacks in height, he certainly makes up in personality! He is a traditional centre seam design teddy bear, which gives his head a lovely rounded shape.

I used vintage boot buttons forScamp's eyes as I think they really suit his laid back vintagey style ... and I gave him a lovely shiny waxed nose too.

If Scamp is your kinda bear, please pop over to my website to find out more about him. As I write, this lovely teddy bear is currently available for adoption.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Tweedy Teds

I am delighted to report it has been all go on the 'Tweedy Teds' front of late. My lovely cloth teddies have been very well received around the world and that beautiful Harris Tweed from the Hebridean Isles of Scotland, has now travelled as far afield as America and Australia in teddy bear form!

Pippin now lives in Wy Yung, in Australia

Thistle and Lullaby emigrated to America!

McBlue found his forever home 'Downunder' in Victoria, Australia.

Lovely Annabel found her special someone in the UK.
I love making these teddy bears, so expect more to come ... especially as I have just taken delivery of these beautiful pieces of Harris Tweed!

I have also taken delivery of some beautiful new mohair, so don't worry if cloth bears aren't for you, there will be something for everyone in the weeks to come! :-)


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