Monday, 22 December 2008

Do you believe in fairies?

It was time for a sprinkling of fairy dust on Sunday afternoon ...

'Peter Pan' by JM Barrie ... one of my all time favourite story books.

I remember first reading 'Peter Pan' to my children one Christmas afternoon, many years ago. My elderly mother-in-law was fast asleep in the armchair and for once, my children were as quiet as mice, not wishing to miss a single word of their story, nor disturb their Nana's sleep. We quietly slipped into Neverland on a puff of fairy dust and several magical chapters later, closed our book, leaving Tinkerbell to her fairy mischiefs, Peter Pan to rescue Tiger Lily and Wendy to mother those poor Lost Boys. As I whispered a promise we would return to Neverland before bedtime, a croaky voice rose from the depths of the armchair cushions, "Oh don't stop now Paula, I was enjoying that!'

'Peter flew in'

I think three may well be the perfect age for a first Christmas pantomime, so as a special treat, I booked tickets to take Stuart's little grandson to see 'Peter Pan' at the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon, yesterday afternoon. We weren't sure how Calvin would react to live theatre in this age of high tech entertainment, but we needn't have worried, Christmas magic always sparkles if you allow it to and that little boy was totally entranced - just like the generations who have loved 'Peter Pan' before him!


  1. Lovely gift for a young boy!
    You just tempted me to go to the bookstore and get my copy... Could you believe I haven't got it in my personal library?

  2. A nice homely blog Paula. I saw a movie of Peter Pan once but have never read the story. I guess there is still time! - Dave

  3. Paula,
    Peter Pan is my favourite childrens' book of all time. I have several different copies, with different illustrators, with Arthur Rackham's being my favourite. There truly is something magical about it. I still remember watching it on television as a child for the very first time, after reading it over and over and over. So glad that Calvin enjoyed it in the technological age. Have a wonderful Christmas!



  4. I used to go to the pantomime with my Granny every year, as my Aunt was in a wheelchair we always got to sit on the front row! Perfect for booing and "oh no it isn't" and "he's behind you!"... happy memories and Peter Pan must have been magical :) Merry Christmas to you and your family Paula, Catherine xx

  5. Dave, there is always still time! It's a wonderful story ... set aside your grown up head and treat yourself!

    Thank you all for sharing Peter Pan with me ... I'm so pleased I'm not the only youngster who never quite grew up!


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