Monday 15 December 2008

She's a lady!

She's a lady!

The weather was absolutely foul on Saturday, so naturally, that was the day we opted to shop for our Christmas tree. Goes without saying eh? We battled against driving rain and an ear piercingly cold wind, to hunt down our tree and here she is! Dried out and dressed in all her tinselled glory! I say 'she' because this surely has to be a lady tree - just look at those womanly curves!

I have reached the conclusion that for the unitiated, good Christmas tree pics are tricky things to achieve ... I tweaked and twiddled all my camera settings in an attempt to capture ambient light and went from this ...

... to these pics below, with a heap of variations in between. I knew I should have paid more attention in class when my sister was patiently explaining my camera settings to me a few weeks ago - now I need a refresher course!

These photographs looks as though the photographer may have had one too many sherries before she pressed the (hic!) button - suffice it so say, the tree isn't actually leaning and the floor doesn't slope ...


  1. love her Paula, certainly more curvaceous than your white tree :) I see presents there already! I've got my tree on my blog too at the moment. Beary hugs, Catherine xx

  2. Your tree looks lovely. We still haven't found time to put ours up! Yikes.

    Unfortunately all our decorations are in the loft and I am waiting for a brave soul to get them for me..........our loft is home to the largest spiders in Maidstone I am certain and they always make an appearance as soon as I lift the hatch door!


  3. Shudder! Spiders!!!!! I've noticed they breed 'em big in Allington Hilary ... our bathroom certainly seems to attract 'em in the Autumn!

    Catherine, I couldn't resist a peek - your tree looks beautiful! The lighting is magical!


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