Saturday 28 June 2014

An important business

It has been a very positive week for All Bear adoptions with Tuppence, Papa Bear and Marshmallow all finding lovely new owners over the past few days.

Papa Bear and little Marshmallow have been adopted in the UK!

Tuppence has been adopted to the good ol' US of A!

Robinson and Tootsie waved their pals off with exceptionally good grace, but were naturally a little envious as they hopped back onto my workroom shelves to wait patiently for their own someone special to invite them home ...

Robinson is still waiting hopefully to be adopted ...

And Tootsie is looking forward to meeting her special someone ...

We have received a great deal of enthusiastic interest for both Robinson and Tuppence, but adopting a new bear is an important business and not to be undertaken lightly, so they understand the need for patience and I have told them there is always the right person for the right teddy bear, but sometimes it takes just a little while longer to find that special person!

If you would like to find out more about either Robinson or Tootsie, please pop over to my new website as they are very eager to meet you!

29/6/14 Update: Tootsie has been adopted!

Wednesday 25 June 2014

An advertisement for nostalgia

It has been quite some time since I last advertised in a magazine, so recently I booked a little run of ads in an old favourite of mine, the 'Teddy Bear Times'. I remember the days when I advertised frequently in this popular publication ... the internet sure has changed the shape of marketing over the past fifteen years.

Technology may advance relentlessly, but I still don't think you can beat flicking through a magazine with a nice cuppa and as it's always a thrill to see my work in print, I decided to allow nostalgia to guide me on this occasion.

So my first ad featuring 'Robinson' will appear in the Aug/Sept issue, on sale in July.  If you would like to support our specialist teddy publications by ordering either a print, or digital subscription online, please visit: 

Alternatively, you might find this lovely magazine stocked in a branch of WH Smith, on your local High Street.

If you haven't bought a copy for a while, why not treat yourself?!  Let's all do our bit to keep our favourite publications in print!

Monday 23 June 2014

The Fabulous Four!

I am delighted to tell you that at last, I have uploaded some lovely new bears to my lovely new website!

Tuppence & Tootsie

There are four really rather fabulous teddy bears in all (if Ido say so myself!) the two Summery clown bears in the photo above, a dashing sailor bear and a magnificent alpaca fellow.  I'd love you to see them!

All my latest bears can be found at: 

Thank you so much for visiting!

Thursday 19 June 2014

Making time ..

It's been a bit frantic here of late with the 'Teddies and Friends on Vacation' show fast approaching.  Unfortunately I failed to find a spare moment to take proper studio pics of this pair of shop exclusive bears during my rush to meet the show deadline, so no sooner were their hang tags were fastened, than they were shipped out the door to take up temporary residence at 'The Bear Shop' in Norwich.

19" Finian

19" Barney

Now that my June shop exclusives and show bears are completed, I am planning a little quality time with my knitting needles as I really must finish the baby knits I began work on weeks ago ... preferably in time for my first grandchild's arrival in October!  After such an intensive month of bear-making I am now well ready for a change of creative scenery and will be happily swapping my workroom for the conservatory couch for a few days!

Monday 16 June 2014

Life goes on ..

Father's Day.

Three and three quarter years on and still not an easy day to get through ... going through the motions as an onlooker rather than as the daughter I was, painting on a cheery smile when deep down, all I truly want to do is tuck myself away somewhere private and sob my heart out, until the day has passed.

But Dad would have been the first to tell me with a twinkle in his eye 'Chin up girl, life goes on' and he would have been absolutely right; so yesterday, my garden was filled with a lively rabble of grandchildren, Stuart's daughter, my daughter - his step-daughter, his parents, brother-in-law and sister ... and of course, my Polly in the thick of it all, having a whale of a time!

Most importantly, Stuart and his Dad shared their Father's Day together.  Just how Father's Day should be.

As for me, I smiled, chatted, took pics, enjoyed the kiddies' games and took a pride in how gentle Polly was with them.  I saved my tears until today, after all, such a huge loss never quite diminishes.  How I miss that lumbering form appearing unexpectedly on my porch step, telling me to 'stick the kettle on PJ' ... and how I miss putting our worlds to right over a steaming hot cuppa. But most of all, like my four sisters, I just miss knowing he's here with us, indomitable, steadfast, strong ... our Dad.


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