Thursday 31 January 2019

Golden Snow Day

Winter has arrived in Kent and this week, we have a sprinkling of snow. It may may be chilly, but it is also very beautiful out in the sunshine!

Polly and Betty love a snow day, so despite a heavy chest cold, I muffled up and we went out for a short walk yesterday.

Betty had a blast chasing her ball on the playing field ... but found it much harder than usual to see the green ball against the snow and had to sniff around to locate it each time I threw the ball.

And both my girls had a wonderful time chasing each other through the trees!

It may not have the longest walk, but Polly and Betty were so excited by their snow day, they quickly wore themselves out and promptly fell fast asleep when we arrived back home, providing me with the perfect opportunity to cosy up in my workroom with a mug of of hot coffee to work on my latest teddy bear. (Coming soon!)

I think there's more snow predicted in the UK this week, so keep warm and stay safe everyone!



Introducing 'Toastie', my latest mohair teddy.

Toastie 14"

This sweet cinnamon bear was adopted super fast from my website and will shortly be arriving in the US to meet his new owner.  Another international jetsetting teddy bear!

Bon Voyage Toastie!


Thursday 17 January 2019

Practically Perfect in every way

For me, one of the most magical things about being a child of the 60's, was growing up with 'Mary Poppins' on film, sitting glued to Bert's chimney sweeps, as they belted out 'Chim chim cheree' whilst twirling across London's rooftops, laughing and singing with Jane, Michael, Bert and Mary Poppins, as they levitated to the ceiling to join Uncle Albert for an 'I love to laugh' tea party and having my little girl heartstrings tugged by the elderly lady, who every day warbled 'Feed the birds, tuppence a bag,' on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral.

I was inspired to try a little sketch!

 I don't mind admitting, I have been a die hard Mary Poppins fan all my life and of course, brought my children up watching it too, so to be honest, I was sceptical that a modern day 'Mary Poppins Returns' could possibly live up to my devoted childhood expectation ... but thankfully, I couldn't have been more wrong!

My daughter, daughter-in-law (both in their thirties) and I, went to watch the new film on the Big Screen last week and were completely swept along, as the new 'Practically perfect Mary Poppins' brought back a world of wonderment and laughter to Cherry Tree Lane, more than half a century after the wind last changed...

I can happily report we all agreed it was every bit as joyful to watch Jack's lamplighters 'Trip the light fantastic', as it had been to see Bert's chimney sweeps dancing across the rooftops all those years ago, it was a delight to enter Topsy's laughter filled upside down life and an absolute breath of fresh air to see London cast in such a spectacularly magical light.

And the new Mary Poppins herself? Well, she has a slightly more mischievous twinkle to her eye perhaps, but there can be no doubting she is exactly who she claims to be ... Mary Poppins has indeed returned!


A slow start

I'm off to a slow start with my first bear of 2019!

Introducing 'Jack', a sweet-faced modern classic teddy bear, wearing one of my cosy hand knitted scarfs. I'm happy to tell you, Jack was snapped up from my website within a nanosecond of making his début this week, so now it's time for me to start work on my second bear of 2019 and this time, I think I'll stay with the modern classic theme, using a beautiful shade of cinnamon mohair. 

First things first though! Being self-employed means the Tax Man takes priority at this time of year. His deadline for Self Assessment Returns looms large at the end of January and needless to say I've left mine until the last minute, as usual!


Friday 4 January 2019

It's just another New Year's Eve..

I'm not really the biggest fan of New Year's Eve, it always makes me feel a bit sad to be waving away another year and my dogs are frightened of the midnight fireworks. This year I spent the wee small hours of 2019 on my living room rug, with an anxious Polly and Betty pressed tightly into my sides as they fretted about the 'war zone' happening outside.

Whilst New Year's Eve doesn't float my boat these days, I do always enjoy a good walk on the first of January and this year, invited my family to Teston Bridge Country Park which meanders along the River Medway. The weather was was crisp and dry for our first walk of 2019 and we were treated to the most fabulous winter sunset on our return.

Starting a brand new year 'outdoorsing' with my family, gave 2019 the best possible start for me and hopefully for each of them too. We all love a good welly walk together!

This year my Granddaughter joined us for her very first New Year's Day walk. She snuggled safely in her sling, smiling and chatting along the way, while her big brother, now a lively four year old, sploshed through muddy puddles and collected sticks to tease his auntie with.

It was a lovely walk, relaxed and fun, with beautiful scenery, shared with the people who are my world.  In fact, I'd even go as far as to say, the perfect start to a New Year!

So, time to say goodbye to 2018 and hello 2019. 

I am looking forward to a year full of family, fun and time to create. I am not making New Year resolutions, just a promise to myself to make the best of every day.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

May 2019 be all you hope for.




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