Wednesday 10 December 2008

Clever Catherine's Christmas Cards!

I do hope Catherine won't mind me sharing these with you on 'Bearing All', but as they are such lovely Christmas cards, I would like to spread the word! These quality cards and also some wonderful art prints, are the work of talented teddy bear artist Catherine Young of Bumpkin Bears.

Original illustrations by Catherine Young of Bumpkin Bears

Catherine has only recently ventured into selling her original art work and as soon as I saw the Christmas card designs, I couldn't resist sending in an order! My cards arrived a few days ago, beautifully packaged. My favourite is the picture of the bears gazing at the stars through the window, but to be honest, you'd be hard pressed to choose a favourite, they are all so gorgeous!

Catherine's lovely business card

There's still time to order for Christmas if you're quick, so if you would like some special Christmas cards for the special people in your life, please visit Catherine's website to find out more:


  1. oh Paula, of course I do not mind you being so kind about my cards :) THANK YOU so much. I love the photos you took. I'm so happy you are pleased with them. Big hugs, Catherine x

  2. You're very welcome Catherine! I was delighted with my cards when they arrived (very speedily too I must say!) Good luck with your new venture, I hope we will have the pleasure of many more illustrations to come!


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