Sunday 29 April 2012


Fresh from my work basket is 'Noah', so named because if it rains much more this week, I'll be needing an ark to leave my house!

17" 'Noah'

I really enjoy making these very traditional teddy bears ... I think I'll call them my 'Just-a-bear' collection, the name fits perfectly!

On the offchance he is tugging at your heartstrings, 'Noah' is now available to adopt from my website:

Tuesday 24 April 2012

A creative spring in my step

I have lost count of the number of times I've been asked about where I find inspiration for my designs.  In fact, 'where don't I find inspiration?' might be a more straightforward question!

For a teddy bear designer, inspiration can be absolutely anywhere and everywhere.  Take my Sunday afternoon walk through the local woods for example ... I couldn't fail to notice the leaves on the trees because they are the freshest, newest of greens, not to mention the dainty white wild flowers on the the ground beneath and those shy clumps of bluebells nodding quietly in the undergrowth.  Who could fail to be inspired?

8.5" 'Meadowsweet'

I love the fresh spring shades of green, they are so full of hope! 
Little 'Meadowsweet' is my latest expression of our beautiful new season.  I hope he inspires you to put on your walking shoes and take a walk into the countryside to enjoy all that nature has to share!

Monday 23 April 2012

Sunshine and Showers

Isn't it strange in life, how one minute you can be washing the kitchen floor, changing a toilet roll, or stripping bed linen, then another, donning sober shoes to help say a final farewell to an elderly relative; or maybe you're 'phoning a loved one to let them know they're not alone at a difficult time, then as you hang up, you hear the kettle boil, glance out the window, notice it's raining, remember your washing is on the line ...

 The ordinary and the extraordinary.  
Sunshine and showers.
That's life.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Spreading the word

The Spring/Summer issue of 'The Teddy Bear' magazine will be published on the 25th May, so this morning, I have been busy creating my new advertisement for inclusion ...

I am really looking forward to seeing my ad in print!

If you would like to purchase a copy of 'The Teddy Bear' when it is published, please bookmark:  Collect It

It really is a lovely teddy bear magazine with back issues currently available too, so why not spoil yourself to an extra issue or two when you order the Spring/Summer 2012 publication!

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Just-a-bear ...

In these days of such creative bear artistry and fancy modern techniques, it can feel good to create 'just-a-bear' ... a simple teddy with no frills, no fancy techniques and certainly, no airs or graces!

11" 'Ernie'

A bear to celebrate the essence of 'teddy',
plain, yet endearing ...
a teddy bear built for cuddles, 
not for cabinets.

Monday 16 April 2012

Birthdays and Bicycles!

It was my son's 27th birthday on Friday, so together with a gathering of family and friends and at the invitation of his lovely girlfriend, we descended on Ants at home to wish him a 'Happy Birthday' in time honoured, rowdy fashion!

'Happy Birthday' to Ants!

As always, Hannah and her mum had excelled themselves with Anthony's birthday cakes, creating fun chocolate monsters with googly eyes!  So much fun ... and very tasty too!

The Magnificent Monster Muffins!

Stuart's grandson also has a birthday in a couple of days, so we invited him to stay with us for the weekend and worked off the effects of Hannah's chocolate muffins with a fun, but exhausting bicycle riding lesson.

Grandad's bike riding lesson begins ...

After a few minor wobbles and a slight collision with a lamp post (!) he mastered his balance and was soon cycling confidently beside Fay, with me and Grandad puffing along on foot! 

Cycling independently with my daughter Fay!

Needless to say, we were all delighted with his progress!

'Just like riding a bike' - almost forty years since the last time I did it!

And if the kids can do it ...

I haven't ridden a bicycle in almost forty years, so couldn't resist seeing if the old adage 'like riding a bike' is actually true ... and yes, I can confirm, once mastered, the cycling skill doesn't leave you!  

Way to go Paula!  Back in the saddle again almost four decades after outgrowing my childhood 'Raleigh 14', whoo hoo!!!!!

Thursday 12 April 2012

April Fool!

Spring has sprung here in the UK and I absolutely love it ... the countryside is bursting back to life and it is so good to see flowers everywhere again!

8.5" 'April Fool'

As regular readers will know, I have a soft spot for clown bears, so creating little clown bears was a natural 'Phase Two' of my 'Tiddler' series plan.  

Combining a little 'Springspiration' with 'clown' seemed perfect for my very first Tiddler clown bear and here he is ... I am delighted to be able to introduce you to 'April Fool' today!

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Better late than never!

It rained here over Easter, which wasn't so bad as we're facing water restrictions and rain is very much needed - my roses were certainly grateful for the downpour!  Whilst it would have been lovely to toast in a little sunshine, I didn't mind the alternative of curling up on the couch with Stuart on Easter Sunday afternoon, with a chocolate bunny to hand (thanks Fay!) and a film to watch.  I also found time to hunt out my knitting needles to start a cute little knitted teddy bear and flick through the latest issue of the 'Teddy Bear Times' magazine, so all in all, my Easter weekend proved pretty relaxing!

I was delighted to find my work featured in the magazine at long last; the article is a little out of date because I answered interview questions months ago, but better late than never I guess!

If you would like to buy a copy of the latest issue of 'Teddy Bear Times', please visit:

Monday 2 April 2012

Me and my girl

I had been looking forward to last Saturday since Christmas, when my daughter gave me tickets to see 'Phantom of the Opera' in the West End of London ... it was such a special treat!

'Her Majesty's Theatre' built in 1897

We caught the train from Sevenoaks, then tumbled out on to the platform at Charing Cross station.  Before I became a mum almost thirty years ago, I used to work as a secretary for an entertainments agency in 'The Strand', travelling to Charing Cross every day.  Although I've visited London occasionally since those head spinning days, I haven't been back for quite a while, so as well as a wonderful day out and about in town with my daughter, it was also quite an unexpected trip along Memory Lane ... isn't it amazing how the sounds and smells of a place can instantly transport you back through several decades of bitter-sweet memories? 

Fay in Trafalgar Square

Looking around, I quickly came to the conclusion that not much has changed, (unless I take into consideration the fact that nowadays no-one seems able to walk around without a mobile phone pressed firmly to their ear! Back in my day, mobile phones were the size of house bricks and no-one really wanted to lug them around; in fact, if I remember rightly, they were used mainly by business men and used to have a shoulder strap) but every sight and sound reminded me in bustling technicolour, just how much my own life has changed since the early eighties ... living proof of which was standing right by my side, in the form of my beautiful grown-up daughter!

Posing in Picadilly Circus

We had a little time to spare, so joined the hordes of tourists wandering through Picadilly Circus and along Regent Street ... 

Window shopping in Regent Street

Like most upwardly mobile young women, Fay was very interested in window shopping - just as well we had somewhere to be, or no doubt we would have come home laden with designer shopping bags!

Back at 'Her Majesty's Theatre,' about to see the show!

We had such a lovely time chatting and sightseeing together, but before long it was time to return to 'Her Majesty's Theatre' in Haymarket to see the show and what a show it was!!!!  It was absolute, top notch, Lloyd Webber magic, performed in a wonderful old theatre.  We were both completely mesmerised from curtain up, until curtain down!

Saturday was a very special day, a lovely gift from my very special daughter.

Thank you so much Fay,
With all my love to you always,
Mum xxx

If you would like to read more about the history behind 'Her Majesty's Theatre' please visit: Her Majesty's Theatre

And to book tickets for the fabulous 'Phantom of the Opera' musical,
please visit:


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