Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Every tree must have its day ...

I had planned a beautifully fluffy white tree for the corner of my office/dining room. In my mind's eye tasteful glamour radiated from dense branches laden with tiny twinkly trinkets; so imagine my disappointment when instead a rather grey looking, somewhat sparse, artificial excuse for a Christmas tree arrived in yesterday's post. That'll teach me not to purchase online in future! Ah well - the seller did include a free gift, so in the spirit of goodwill to all men, I ripped open the packaging, only to find the naffest Father Christmas I have ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on! He did make me chuckle though, as I grabbed one black booted foot and without compunction, hurled him head first back into his box.

Oh Tannenbaum!

Call me sentimental if you like, but I do believe every tree should have its day, so for one year only, my beyond tacky, skinny grey/white tree will grace the dining room cabinet, tarted up as best I can with fairy lights and twinkly bits n' bobs; hopefully it will be completely outshone by the 7ft spruce I have planned for the living room - hmmn, perhaps I'll learn my lesson and make sure I visit the farm shop to choose that tree in person!


  1. haha, that poor Santa hurtling back into his box!! I have seen some really full gorgeous white trees, so I know what you were hoping for :) I would be sentimental too and have to use the tree! Can't wait to go and choose our Spruce tree out in the cold at the weekend, best bit of Christmas for me :) Big Hugs, Catherine x

  2. Poor Paula!!! ... And poor grey tree and Santa!!
    Hope you'll find what you were hoping for!

    I posted pics of my big tree... more decorations on the way...

    Good luck with your tree,


  3. Yes, like Catherine, I know what tree you were hoping for! Maybe next Christmas you will find it. Doesn't look too bad. I notice you have dimmed the lights though ;)

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. Sarah, the tree definitely benefits from a little soft lighting ... just like me! LOL!

  5. I benefit from a whole lot of soft lighting....

    next year...maybe you can find the Boy Scouts ....get a real little Charlie Brown tree and support a good cause?....

  6. Ooh, you'll have to tell me more Vee ... I'm not very familiar with the Boy Scouts!

  7. Your poor little tree looks nice in the photo Paula. I like your pink teddy too. - Dave

  8. Thanks Dave! I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas preparations ... getting ready is my favourite bit!


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