Thursday 11 December 2008

Last one for Santa's Sack?

20" 'Tiddly Pom'

'Tiddly Pom', may well be my last bear for Santa's Sack this year ... I'm not sure I have enough time, (or energy!) for a 'just one more' bear this side of Christmas. I still have my tax return to file (groan ... I really should have taken my own advice and completed it when it was issued in April!) and my workroom to organise (the term 'bomb site' doesn't even come close) so that I can work more comfortably in the New Year; then of course, there will also be the inevitable Christmas shopping scrum - I've done what I can online, but there's no escaping the fact I am going to have to visit the shops sooner or later; face facts Paula, it's time to hunt out those hobnailed boots and muster enough determination for a serious retail onslaught!

Tiddly Pom is now ready to hop into Santa's Sack at a moment's notice! For full details please visit

Whether I do manage to finish one last festive bear in time or not, Santa's Sack will definitely be closing its doors on the 19th December for yet another year. Much as I have loved making my Santa's Sack bears, I confess I am more than ready to put away my stuffing stick and gently wind down towards some special family time.


  1. Oh Paula, I think he has the most wonderful expression! It's as if he's being empathic with your weariness. Bless him and his lovely scarf.

    I think you deserve a well earned break! Don't over stretch yourself or you'll be sleeping through Christmas!

    Festive hugs, Sarah x

  2. he must be one of my favourites of yours - so gorgeous and gentle :) Catherine xx

  3. What a beautiful bear he is!! Aren't you clever....

  4. Lovely to hear you like this bear ... I'm really pleased with him too, I must admit. I was so pleased when he found his new owner within an hour of being posted on the All Bear website ... he's going to live in Sweden!

  5. Well, Paula, I am not at all surprised that he found a home so quickly! I do love all of your bears, but (and I know I've said this at least once before-they keep getting better) THIS one is my absolute favorite!!! He melts my heart! Sigh!

  6. I like it too. Try to relax now. Have a break for a while! Enjoy your Christmas Paula. - Dave

  7. THIS IS gorgeous too!
    Love that scarf!!
    Enjoy your break and family time, Paula!

    Merry Merry Christmas,

    Monica x.


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