Thursday 16 December 2021




Sometimes it is fun to incorporate a little contemporary design flair into a traditional teddy bear and Christmas is the perfect time for this!

Introducing Rudolph, my handsome red-nosed teddy bear. He was snapped up almost as soon as he arrived on my website and will shortly be flying 'Downunder', to live in Australia. So glad I found the time to finish this lovely boy before Christmas!

Monday 13 December 2021

Where there's a will..



Here we are with less than two weeks until Christmas Day and no team of elves to weave magic in my workroom! No matter, there may not be many more teddy bears before Christmas and for that I am truly sorry, but I am so pleased I decided to go ahead and order the stunning vintage red mohair direct from the United States. It took a while to arrive but made such a wonderfully festive signature teddy bear for 2021. Yuletide is now on his way to live in Australia and fingers and toes are crossed that he arrives in time for the big day.

I have one more teddy bear to finish this week, a beautiful traditional boy with vintage red velvet paws. I think he will be a lovely, nostalgic bear and I am looking forward to sharing him with you on my website later this week.

Time is running away from me this year, no Christmas pud mixed, or Gran's fruitcake baked, no mince pies made and no tree sparkling in my window yet! The tree was purchased from our local garden centre yesterday, a wonderfully curvy girl. She is stood in a bucket of water in the garden at the moment, but when I find a quiet hour or two, I will set her in pride of place in our bow window and dress her with the ornaments I have collected over many years. Once the fairy lights are twinkling, I will raise a glass of the amber nectar to my Dad, then welcome Christmas 2021 into our home. I plan to enjoy the festivities with my family this year, come what may. 

So, this week I will finish my teddy bear and maybe cut out one more little one, then next week, I will mix a very late Christmas pudding, bake an even later Christmas cake and ... purchase some shop bought mince pies! Where there is a will, there is always a way.

I hope you are enjoying your seasonal preparations and wish you all a very Happy Christmas this year, full of warmth, love and peace.

With love,
Paula and the Bears.


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