Thursday 22 October 2015


Little 'Goosebump' disappeared almost as quickly as I could say 'boo' yesterday!

No sooner did I send him to my website, than he was invited to spend Halloween with a lovely new owner!  I'm certainly not complaining, but sending 'sorry that one already sold' emails to eager collectors who only just miss a bear they are excited about, is always tough.  

I can't stress enough, if you fall in love with a special teddy bear, either on a website, or at a show, please trust your instincts and adopt as quickly as possible, because if you've fallen head over heels in love, the chances are someone else has too ... 

Happy Halloween Bear Collecting Everyone!


Monday 19 October 2015

Our Annual Family Tromp

Our annual family tromp through the  Knole Park Estate to spot deer and enjoy the fabulous colours of Autumn, has become something of a tradition in recent years ...

For the past few years, my sister Fiona and I have gathered as many members of our own families as possible (including dogs!) to meet in Sevenoaks for a walk around beautiful Knole Park each October.  We sling cameras over our shoulders, lead up our dogs to keep the deer safe, don wellies or walking boots, then set off after lunch, for a few hours of fresh air, family chat and fabulous scenery.   Yesterday's tromp was truly spectacular ... the stags were rutting, the trees aflame in fiery reds and golds and of course, our family spirits were high!

Silly sisters selfie .. as is traditional!

I look forward to this special day every year, so was determined not to be floored by a heavy cold this week.  Despite huffing and puffing uphill and a case of wobbly legs after the walk, I was so glad we all managed to get together to share Sunday afternoon at Knole again this year.  Fiona and I always enjoy our grown up kids 'outdoorsing' with their cousins; there is something immensely satisfying in watching the next generation, their partners and now kiddies too, sharing and enjoying time exploring together.  As mums and also as sisters, we take a real pride in that!


Tommy Sunshine

... and in case you were wondering, yes of course I made a special teddy bear to celebrate my Grandson's first birthday!

'Tommy Sunshine'

A bright yellow teddy bear with a twinkle in his eye ... brim full of sunshine and smiles.

Happy Birthday Toby!


Happy First Birthday!

It was my Grandson's first birthday last week and goodness me, how that year has flown.  As you will understand, this little man is the apple of his Nana's eye ...  a little boy with a chuckle guaranteed to light the darkest of days!

I was absolutely delighted when my son brought Toby to visit me on his birthday. We went for a lovely long walk in the woods after he'd opened his presents, something we've always loved to do as a family and something Toby also loves.

So little man, a year on this earth and already you have made me the proudest Nana ever!  I have loved watching you unravel life's puzzles with your Daddy's quiet determination and your mummy's gentle spirit, as you explore the world with increasingly steady steps.  Getting to know you has been so much fun and the smile you give when you hear my voice, is the most precious gift of all!

Happy First Birthday to you Toby.
Stay safe, love life and always be kind.
With all my love always,
Your Nana xxx

Wednesday 7 October 2015

A Polly & Betty catch up

Last weekend was a quiet one for us, so a chance to don walking shoes and enjoy some Autumn sunshine at Cobtree Manor Country Park with our girls ...

Little Betty is now almost five months old and a happy, cheeky little soul.  She is so much fun and I am constantly amazed by how fast she learns new skills.  Having a big sister to look up to has definitely helped Betty master the basics quickly, but even without Polly's guidance, this little girl is very switched on, constantly impressing me with a sweet-faced eagerness to please and a lovely natural enthusiasm.  Betty and I enrolled at Obedience School together recently and I am delighted to tell you, she is already proving herself to be as bright as a button.

As for my beautiful Polly (now two and a half years old), she will soon be undertaking a spot of 'urban training'.  I thought it might benefit her (and me) to join a small group which trains in real life situations, so we have signed up with an ex-guide dog instructor and our first walk is going to take place right through the centre of our busy local town, which should certainly put our obedience skills to the test!

Two such lively young girls keep me on my toes as you can imagine, but they do enjoy a snooze or two every day, so don't worry, there's still time for my bear-making.  In fact, I am currently working on a little Halloween teddy bear for my website and am hoping to finish the Halloween Prim Dolly Doodle I started a while ago.  Speaking of which, I'd better sign off and get to work ... Halloween is fast approaching!!!

Thursday 1 October 2015

Excellence in Bear Artistry

The 2015 announcements have been made today and I am delighted to tell you, my 'Mr Moonshine' is among the select few honoured with a prestigious ... 

'Excellence in Bear Artistry - Judges Choice Award'!

So, right now, I will take a quiet moment to enjoy my success and give thanks that after twenty long years of making bears, they are still appreciated ... something in this fast moving creative industry, I never ever take for granted!

The next stage of the competition is the public vote.  If you would like to cast votes for your favourite teddy bear from each category, please visit the EBAA website by clicking the link below:



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