Thursday 29 November 2012

Cuddle time!

Despite being so little, Baby Ella has already become a big part of our family and has been busy introducing herself to aunties, cousins, grand parents et al during the past couple of weeks.  I was privileged to have a very precious cuddle with my Great niece at only two days old as I am lucky enough to live a few minutes up the road from her mummy and daddy. That day I visited on my own to share a peaceful hour with our gorgeous new family and all I can say is being in their home with them was just like stepping into a little slice of heaven ...

On Saturday, Leah and my sister 'Granny Smith' (makes me chuckle to call my sis Granny Smith!) brought little Ella to my house for a surprise visit with my kids and as you can see, Ella came complete with happiness bubble!

First special cuddle went to Ella's oldest cousin, my lovely daughter Fay.

Then it was time to for her to meet her biggest cousin Anthony ... such a tiny bundle in my 6ft 3" son's arms!

And finally, she settled comfortably with Anthony's girlfriend Hannah ... such a cutie!

Needless to say Great Auntie Paula couldn't resist another cuddle ... there's nothing quite so precious as holding a new born baby in your arms, especially when you first held her mummy in your arms twenty five years ago!

Leah, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful daughter with us all, we are so thrilled to meet her!

Friday 23 November 2012

Approved! The Winter Woolies

My little shop exclusive Tiddler collection 'The Winter Woolies' has been approved by One More Bear in Stoke on Trent today, so I am delighted to tell you, they will be hopping into a box on Monday morning to make their debut on the Trentham Estate next week!

8" 'Dickie'

8" Harriet

8" Marvin

8" Nola

Waiting for client approval is always a nail biting time, so I am delighted this little crew of Tiddlers has been warmly received and I wish Tracy and her team every success with them in the run-up to Christmas.

'The Winter Woolies'

Bon voyage little Tiddlers!

Tuesday 20 November 2012

I'm late, I'm late!

One more shop order to complete and only then will I be able to indulge myself with a few 'Santa's Sack' specials.  I'm running pretty late with my festive creations as I usually have my website 'Santa's Sack' up and running during November but this year has been so busy with non-bear related events, I doubt I'll have any Christmas bears ready much before December. C'est la vie, as they say!

Work in progress - a shop exclusive Tiddler

Between shop exclusives, I have at least been hunting for Christmas bear fabrics and received a parcel with some 'herb green' and cream alpaca a couple of days ago, which has sewn a seed of inspiration for a holly panda bear, which may be the first bear I work on for Santa's Sack this year.  I also really want to make a lovely large festive laughing bear in the style of dear old 'Jolly' below, as he was my Dad's favourite ...


So, I'm hoping to finish work on my remaining shop exclusives by the middle of next week and then I plan to play fun Christmas tunes, hunt out jingle bells and glittery ribbon and introduce the festive season to my workroom at last!

Monday 12 November 2012

Welcome to the world!

I have such exciting news ... baby Ella Marie was born on Saturday morning!

I can now officially don my 'Great Auntie Paula' title and far more importantly, my sister Fiona can embrace her brand new 'Granny Smith' status with all the pride and relief a mum must feel as she holds her new granddaughter for the very first time, safe in the knowledge her daughter will make a wonderful mummy.

Baby Ella heralds the first arrival of a brand new generation for our family and I know Fiona will have had a private moment or two of wishing our Dad could be here to meet his Great Granddaughter ... that may not be possible Sis, but one thing's for certain, he would be so very proud of Leah and Gary for continuing his family line, I don't doubt for one second, he will have been raising a glass of ethereal red in celebration on Saturday evening!

Congratulations and much love to Leah, Gary and their beautiful new daughter.

Welcome to our world little Ella Marie!


Tuesday 6 November 2012

Great Auntie in waiting!

It won't be much longer until I'm made a Great Auntie for the very first time, so yesterday evening I put Corrie on the TV, snuggled into my armchair cushions and began hand stitching the backing onto my little knitted pram blanket.

I think I'd better make time to finish the sewing tonight after dinner, so I'll be good and ready to meet my Great niece or nephew when they arrive in the big wide world ... how exciting!

Sending much love to my niece this week xxx

Monday 5 November 2012

A fig for ol Guy Fawkes?

Have you ever wondered why, more than four hundred years on, we still gather together to celebrate Guy Fawkes night?  Watching the night sky illuminate with gunpowder sparkle in the name of someone who way back in 1604 plotted to bring down the Government of the day, could be construed as a little odd by those outside the UK, yet this tradition is so much part of our heritage, we don wellies and warm coats every November to stand in a muddy fields and stare up at the night sky ...

I can't pretend to give a fig for old Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot; in truth he's little more than a shady character in a childhood story to me and in these days of economic belt tightening, it does seem rather extravagant to blast a fortune's worth of fireworks into the sky on his behalf.  That said,  there is undoubtedly something entrancing about watching the sky blaze with colour on a dark November night ... I think it's a little bit magical.  It reminds me of family gatherings in the garden at home with my Dad when we were kids, rockets whizzing at alarming angles, Roman Candles spluttering half heartedly and erratic Catherine Wheels never quite managing to spin smoothly much to our poor Dad's frustration!  No, for me Guy Fawkes night isn't about a dusty history book conspiracy character who lived centuries ago, it's simply about sharing some magic with my kids, big as they now are!

My lot!

And I love that they still humour me with this each year - thanks kids!

So for any curious overseas readers, now you know we're not all crazy here in the UK, we just enjoy the opportunity to gaze at the night sky, reminisce a little, dream a little and above all, share the sparkle with our kids ... in fact, ol' Guy Fawkes has very little to do with anything these days!

Friday 2 November 2012

Dolly Doodle Airs and Graces!

Octavia Orangewitch Dolly Doodle hopped on her broomstick to take up residence in Europe on All Hallowes Eve ... it seems my Prim Dolly Doodles are determined to follow in the bears' furry footsteps by becoming international jetsetters!

Hang tag design - front

In fact, they have even requested their own professional hang tags!

Hang tag design - reverse

And they've asked for satin sew-in labels ... would you believe it?!  Talk about airs and graces, at this rate they'll be demanding their own website next!


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