Saturday 23 October 2021

Well done Meg!



It is always a thrill to see one of my teddy bears in print, so as you can imagine, I was delighted to discover 'Meg' featured as part of the 'Autumn Bears' article in issue 245 of the Teddy Bear & Friends magazine, when it dropped onto my doormat recently.

Teddy Bear Times & Friends has featured my bears many times over the past twenty five years and for that, I will always be grateful.

Thank you so very much Teddy Bear Times & Friends!

Friday 22 October 2021

The Big 'Uns



When I first began collecting vintage and artist designed teddy bears over thirty years ago, it was always the big traditional mohair bears who captured my heart. There was something reassurring about them, something solid and true, something that captured the very essence of childhood. It was that sentiment which inspired me to want to create my own teddy bears for grown-ups.

I believe we should all hold on to our inner child because the purity of childhood is where we all began to understand the most nurturing aspects of life, those of reassurrance, friendship and kindness towards others. Of course size isn't always important and little bears can be every bit as important as bigger bears when it comes to offering comfort ...but it should be said, there is something particularly heartwarming about a hug from a big teddy bear.

In marketing terms, it isn't always practical to concentrate on creating big bears as they require a higher price tag, extra time to make and a little extra space to display ... but I won't ever step away from making big bears because they are the heart and soul of who I am and always have been, as a creator of teddy bears.


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