Thursday 27 March 2014

Point 'n shooting

I try not to work on my bears at weekends, to recharge my batteries and  I love to pop a camera in my pocket and go out walking with Polly whenever possible.  There's something very therapeutic about a walk close to water, so we took Polly for a tromp round Leybourne Lakes in the sunshine on Sunday afternoon.

Much as it would have delighted her inner retriever to be allowed to splosh, I decided it would be less messy and kinder on my car's upholstery, to have a dry lead walk instead. Polly gazed at the lakes longingly a couple of times, but she was a good girl, trotting along beside us, just happy to be outdoors with her people.

With low cloud reflected, the lakes looked stunning in the sunshine. I only had my little 'point 'n shoot' camera with me, but did my best to capture a few pics.

Polly met a group of three sweet little dogs as we walked along, taking a particular shine to a cheeky young spaniel.  As we chatted to the owners, the little spaniel was in danger of becoming tangled in Polly's lead, so I dropped it and they raced across the grass together, enjoying a wonderful game of chase.  Despite Polly being much larger, it was plain to see the spaniel pup was leading the game, especially when he grabbed Polly's lead in his mouth and led her in large circles for a jolly good run ... they had such a fun time together!

Back home, I couldn't resist tweaking the above photo to give it a more arty, dramatic look; there's plenty of fun to be had with even a simple pocket sized compact camera, which is just as well, as it's very convenient when we're out dog walking!

Monday 24 March 2014

Speaking of celebrations ...

It was my daughter's 31st birthday on Saturday ... it never ceases to amaze me that both my children are now adult, it seems I blinked and my babies grew up overnight!

Birthday cake time!

Much as I would prefer time to linger a little longer than it does, I can't fail to be proud of my clever daughter's achievements over the years, but most of all, I am proud of who she has become ... a beautiful, loyal, caring, generous girl, who deserves only the best to happen in her life.

Happy Birthday Fay Anne,
With all my love to you always, 
Mum xxx

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Coming soon ..

Weeks seem to be flying past me lately and I have so much to do - not least of which is to build myself a brand new website and work out how to set it up on my current domain after losing all my graphics on my defunct hard drive.  It's good to have a new challenge, but goodness me, I sure could do with more days in my weeks!

I've been meaning to finish this bear for the past week, so without further ado, I am about to plonk my bum in the armchair, switch on the TV and pick up my knitting needles, so hopefully, tomorrow I should be able to squeeze some time to photograph him properly and show him off on my website ...

New website, new bears, coming soon!

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Creative Energy!

With daffodils cheerfully brightening virtually every verge, it's hard not to feel a burst of creative energy at the moment. 

This week, I have been working on a gorgeous new bear, in an unusual shade of lavendar, or dove grey, depending on your view ... either way, it is very pretty and silky soft too!

Now my new bear is completed, I plan to spend a pleasant afternoon sharing my conservatory couch with my cats and Polly, while I knit him a vest top.

Peaceful days spent crafting in the Spring sunshine, are definitely some of my most favourite days!


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