Monday 24 April 2017

The arrival of Rodney

When I heard whisper of a ginger kitten needing a home locally, I knew just the right owner (!) and so 'Rodney' arrived in our home on Friday afternoon. Three days later and this scrappy little kitty cat has already made a big impression on us all ... I'd almost forgotten how much fun and mischief a kitten brings!

He made himself right at home, boldly snuggling himself down in the dogs' bed on his second day with us. My golden retriever girls Polly and Betty are rather bemused by our tiny new addition, but I am happy to say, with careful supervision and a bag of training treats to hand, I have been amazed at how restrained and gentle they have been with him.

Puddle Cat, now ten, is taking her time with this cheeky young upstart as her nose has been put a little out of joint by young Rodders' arrival; she'll come round in a day or two, I'm sure. She's a kind and gentle girl, but a wee bit shy, so this lively youngster has been a surprise to her. She's tolerating him from a distance at the moment and in true pussycat style, will no doubt befriend him on her terms, but only when her ladyship is good and ready.

By the way, I do hope you enjoy these beautiful photographs of Rodney aged just eight weeks. They were taken on Saturday by my daughter's talented fiancé (copyright Dotpix Photography) when they popped in to meet Rodney for the first time. I was thrilled with them ... I think Neil has made my scrappy ginger kitty look like a feline movie star!


Thursday 13 April 2017

My boy

My little boy is now thirty two years old!

I don't know where the time goes, really I don't. It seems only yesterday my boy was toddling around and playing football in the garden in his bunny slippers, yet here he is today, a husband, a father and of course, still my son ... one I couldn't be more proud of.

Happy Birthday Ants,
You're doing great.
My love to you always,
Your couldn't-be-more-proud,

Wednesday 12 April 2017

A pretty Petal

Gardens everywhere are bursting with pretty Spring flowers at the moment. I am enjoying them immensely in my local area as I walk Polly and Betty each day, so much so in fact, I was inspired to make a Tiddler teddy girl called 'Petal' this week ...

8.5" Petal has been adopted

I am delighted to tell you, my little Spring Petal caught the eye of a collector as soon as she made her way to my website and will be flying overseas on the Spring breeze next week!


Friday 7 April 2017

Time for a Tiddler!

Little Jim is such a cutie!

'Little Jim' has been adopted

Little Jim will meet his new owner in person next week and hopefully this sweet wee bear will make a big impression upon arrival!

If you have been waiting patiently for a Tiddler to arrive, you might like to know I will have a Tiddler girl teddy arriving on my website in a few days' time. 

Please visit a bit later next week, if you would like to meet her. 

Thank you!



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