Friday 26 August 2016

Mellow Yellow

After my Buttercup post, I had yellow bears on the brain, so started hunting for photos of some of the yellow bears I have made in past years. Sadly, some were lost thanks to the failure of an old hard drive (am hopeless at backing stuff up) but I did find these and couldn't resist putting together a little 'Mellow Yellow' montage to share here with you today ...

Sunny Jim, featured in the central pic taken with me, is one of my all time favourite teddy bears ... I can't quite believe it has been ten years since I made him, where on earth did they all go?!  Looking at these bears, it seems I have used yellow mohair for Spring, Summer and Autumn teddies - I couldn't find a wintery yellow bear though; maybe yellow is just too cheery for a chilly winter teddy bear?  Or maybe there lies a challenge for me to rise to this coming winter ... create a wintery yellow bear ... hmmn, might give that further thought!


Tuesday 23 August 2016

Build me up, Buttercup!

It has been quite a while since my last smallish bear, let alone a yellow one, so this this little girl is long overdue!

'Buttercup', is a 12" teddy girl.  I do hope she makes you smile!  During the twenty years of my bear making career, I haven't created many yellow bears (proper yellow mohair, rather than pale gold, is quite hard to source) so I was delighted to discover this pretty lemon yellow Schulte mohair, a few months ago. I tucked it away in my stash 'til Summer arrived, as it's a perfect Summer teddy colour!

I knitted Buttercup's lace dress from a vintage dolly knitting pattern; vintage doll's clothes patterns are perfect for teddies, with a few tweaks to the pattern to ensure a perfect fit.  It has been lovely sitting knitting under my garden parasol, sipping coffee in the gorgeous sunshine this week.

I hope you will be happy to learn, Buttercup is now available to adopt from my website and hopes to find a lovely new owner very soon.

Please visit the link below if you would like further details:

Update: Buttercup has been adopted!

Monday 22 August 2016

Simple Pleasures

Sunshine, a freshly part-cut field and our goldie girls for company.
Simple pleasures are most definitely the best!

I hope you too have had a lovely weekend ... wherever you are.


Wednesday 17 August 2016

A new arrival!

It's been a while since my knitting needles were gainfully employed, but with the safe arrival last week, of Esmé, my second beautiful Great Niece, it was time to bring them out of retirement ...

I popped along to meet little Esmé on Saturday and was welcomed with a precious newborn cuddle and a cuppa.  It was so lovely to find my niece Leah, relaxed and radiant at home with her family, after delivering her new daughter into the world only a couple of days earlier.

Welcome to the world little Esmé and welcome to your wider family too.  We are all very much looking forward to getting to know you!


Friday 12 August 2016

The colours of a rainbow

Keeping an almost-two-year-old entertained each week has proved to be less of a challenge than I at first imagined it might be. Little Toby has a wonderfully curious mind and a delightfully active spirit, so we are having heaps of fun together and as his Nana, being granted an opportunity to see the world through such fresh young eyes once more, is a privilege I truly treasure.

The weather has been glorious here in Kent this week, so I put up my parasol to provide some shade on the garden patio, smeared my Grandson in 'Factor 50', cut up one of my t-shirts to make him a painting smock, rolled out a leftover length of wallpaper, gathered large pebbles to weight it, squeezed out the colours of a rainbow ... and let him loose!

He had a whale of a time with the paint and was completely focused on making his picture with whatever came to hand, be it brushes, sponges, or feet and hands.  It was so much fun to watch him create his first masterpiece.  I sent the entire roll (several feet long!) home with Toby, to share with his mummy and daddy, but couldn't resist keeping a little picture he painted while we were waiting for the big one to dry in the sunshine.  I framed it and hung it on his bedroom wall at Nana's house, for him to enjoy whenever he visits ... and every time I look at it, I can't help but grin and think of my little artist at work!


The Traditional Vibe

I've been feeling my traditional vibe again of late.  It's always good to know classic teddies never grow old with collectors and beautiful mohair is as much of a joy for them, as it is for me!

20" Sterling

This gorgeous golden bear, created from Schulte's finest German mohair, will be heading to the US next week.  He has been a pleasure to create for his new owner and I couldn't be more delighted to send him on his way to share the teddy bear love 'across the pond'.

Bon voyage Sterling!


Wednesday 3 August 2016

Being Nana

We visited Leeds Castle with Toby yesterday afternoon.  Seeing the grounds of this beautiful place through a toddler's eyes was a real treat.  To keep our little charge entertained, we went in search of showy peacocks, ducks and their ducklings, a big boat, a green train, a castle and an adventure playground with ramparts to climb.  He loved his visit and we loved exploring with him!

Being this little man's Nana is such a blessing; he brings me so much happiness! When I was younger, I had no idea becoming a grandmother would be quite so special ... Toby, Nana loves you to the moon and back!



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