Tuesday 26 August 2014


A soggy August Bank Holiday Monday found me snuggled in my armchair watching 'Mandela' on DVD, whilst knitting a pretty white baby cardigan ... and yes, I confess to wearing my slippers, even though it is still supposed to be British Summertime!

Saturday and Sunday were better weather days, so we spent much of our time trompin' around outdoors with Stuart's cheeky grandson and my equally cheeky (if not more so!) daughter.

As usual, whenever the kids come to see us, Polly was in the thick of things - she's never happier than when she has her family around her; I guess that makes two of us!

On Saturday evening, I enjoyed a precious few moments watching my son build the crib he first slept in almost thirty years ago, in preparation for his own baby's arrival in October ...

There was a slight technical hitch with the crib ... having stored both crib and fixings in readiness for my first grandchild for the past 29 years and four months precisely, I discovered when I brought it down from the loft, I had failed to keep safe the bloomin' swinging hooks - heaven only knows what I did with those!  After Googling frantically to find replaements, I eventually had to resort to buying another entire crib complete with similar hooks from an Ebay seller ... so now I have a spare secondhand swinging crib, yet again with no swinging hooks!

 Ants 'n Han are also currently in full swing, creating a beautiful nursery for their first child and of course, I am on Nana tenterhooks as we all count down to their exciting event.  I know for certain my Dad, a commited family man, would have been absolutely thrilled to know his grandson is soon to be a daddy and that his family line will continue into a new generation.

So time for me to wish Hannah a safe journey into motherhood and to thank her for giving my son the opportunity to be a daddy and for giving me the very special privilege of becoming a Grandmother for the first time! 
With all my love xxx

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Teds in Tweed!

After receiving fabric samples from a couch maker recently, I couldn't resist ordering a cosy old fashioned wing chair and cushions to be made from Harris Tweed for our living room ... and being the bear maker I am, one thing naturally led to another!

Paying homage to the war time tradition of using alternative fabrics for making teddy bears (http://www.bourtonbears.com/bears-mohair.php) I will be making a few special teddy bears in Harris Tweed, complemented with pure wool felt paws, for the forthcoming 'Teddies 2014' show in London on 14th September.  This fabric has a lovely autumnal essence, perfect for creating cosy traditional teddies with olde worlde appeal.

If you would like to come along to the show to see my latest bears, please visit www.hugglets.co.uk for further details.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

On the crest of a wave

Before Summer slips into Autumn, I have one last pretty girl to share with you.


Naturally, after my recent holiday by the sea, this gorgeous girl teddy needed a nautical flair!

'Mary-Rose' is quite a substantial girl at 19" tall, so will no doubt provide a pretty pink statement in any teddy bear collection.  If you are yearning for clear blue skies and a life on the ocean waves, perhaps she could be the bear for you!  

For full details of this special teddy bear, please visit my website: 

Update: Mary-Rose has been adopted.

Monday 4 August 2014

I spy ..

I spy with my little eye, blackberries ripening in the summer sunshine!  

It isn't yet quite time, but those blackberries leave me in no doubt that Autumn's delicate footstep will soon tiptoe through our English countryside, weaving early morning mists and lace webs, before taking a final flambuoyant bow in September and October.

The 'Teddies 2014' show will take place in London on the 14th September and I am looking foward to exhibiting in Hall 2, as usual; this wonderful specialist show always provides me with the perfect focus for my Autumnal inspirations. I am delighted to say, if Autumn is just around the corner, it is now time to gather together cosy fabrics and start work on my golden season teddies!

For further details about the 'Teddies 2014' show, please visit the organiser's website: www.hugglets.co.uk

Friday 1 August 2014

Making friends in Germany

As a teddy bear maker, one of my greatest pleasures is receiving delighted messages when a new bear meets his owner for the very first time.  Now and again those owners are also kind enough to send me a photograph of their special bear settling into his or her new home ... 

Beau and Robinson: making friends in Germany

Needless to say, I rarely know in advance which bears will ultimately live together, so when I received this particular photograph from a lovely collector recently, I was thrilled to realise Robinson had gone to live in Germany with Beau, the large clown bear I made earlier this year.  I think they look fabulous together, don't you?!

Thank you so much to their thoughtful owner for allowing me to share her beautiful photograph.


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