Monday, 1 December 2008

Happy Birthday Fo!

It's my sister Fiona's birthday today! Some of you will remember Fiona well from her bear-making days; I'll spare her blushes and refrain from telling you exactly how old she is ... to coin an old saying, she's as wise as her tongue and a little bit older than her teeth!

Happy Birthday to yooooooou Fo!!!!

Fo pictured a year or so ago, with her lovely daughters
(Photograph courtesy of Tina Allingham Photography!)

Now for the embarrassing pics ... (you didn't think you'd get off that lightly did you Sis?!) Don't worry, I think I've been quite kind ... after looking through my many albums, these could have been MUCH worse, believe me!

Fo (red top) with me on my 40th birthday (2003) ... getting up to a little sisterly mobile 'phone mischief!

1988 - taken on one of our many family holidays in Cornwall. Fo, with my son Anthony (now 23) and her daugher Leah (soon to be 21!) Dig those crazy sunnies girl ... oh, apparently they've come back into fashion now! (Sad to say, the perm hasn't though! Hee hee!)

1978 - Me (Bay City Roller Scarf .. ahem!) Fiona (knee high white socks ... ha!) and our baby sister Laura (ahhhh!)

2002 - Fiona with her Absolutely Bears, exhibiting at The Winter Bearfest in Kensington

Here's to another year where age is just a number!
Lots of love from your Big Sis xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Fiona :) Great to see you at the bear stand. Gosh you both look alike Paula. You had asked if I would be making my prints into Christmas Cards, well I just listed them - you can see all about them at my blog :) Beary Hugs, Catherine xx

  2. Nice photos, and memories for you Paula. Thanks for inviting us in. - Dave


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