Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Frosty Jack

What with postcards, presents and pontification, I'm guessing you might be wondering if this bear maker has actually been making any bears of late! Well, as a matter of fact I have. This is the clown bear commission I mentioned in an earlier post - I've called him 'Frosty Jack' because it suits his cool silvery grey and blueberry colour scheme and brrrr, it sure is frosty here in Kent today! Fingers crossed he is just what his new Mum had in mind when she asked me to make him!

20" 'Frosty Jack', a special winter commission

My next project this week, will be to create a new bear for Santa's Sack - I must try to catch him before he slips quietly away for another year! I'm really going to indulge myself with this bear ... there's a piece of the most beautifully soft baby pink alpaca in my workroom and it's crying out to be turned into a huggable, bent legged, sugar sweet girly bear!


  1. THIS is gorgeous, Paula! How much I love your bears!! I wish I could afford all of them!! They really are stunning- and this is one of my favs!!

    Good job!


  2. oh gosh Jack is a darling bear, it would be impossible for anyone not to love him :) Your Chrissy cards are on their way (posted yesterday) HUGS, Catherine xx

  3. What a lovely response! Thank you both!

    Catherine, I am really looking forward to receiving these very special Christmas cards ... you have a wonderful talent for illustration!

  4. My kids would want one of the bears, they are so cuddly. How much if send to Indonesia ?

  5. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts on my newest bear!

    Virtual Writer, lovely to hear from you! I'm afraid the bears are one-of-a-kind adult collectibles made with traditional components, so aren't suitable for children. If you would ever like to buy one for yourself though, please check out my website at for all the details! Thank you so much for your kind interest in my work.


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