Wednesday 14 November 2007

Santa's Sack

I checked my calendar this morning and couldn't believe my eyes! Less than six weeks until Christmas! How does that happen? One minute I'm gaily taking photographs of Autumn leaves and then poof! All of a sudden the leaves are on the ground, there's a real chill in the air and the town is sparkling with tinsel!

So, I've decided to go with the flow and start my festive preparations today, without delay! I've given my website a makeover ... snow, bells, angel, the works ... and I've opened 'Santa's Sack' too. It will give me a lovely focus for my bear designs for the coming weeks, after all, what could be more special than making Christmas presents for people?!

I decided to introduce a new size of bear to my range recently and have utilised my new pattern as the basis for 'Snowdrop', the first of my Santa's Sack bears. She is 18", which is a wee bit bigger than the Half Pints, yet still much smaller in proportion than my armful of 20"+ bears, so the perfect size for folk who love bears, but are perhaps struggling for space!

When I first set out to create Snowdrop, I wasn't sure which direction to take, so I simply let the bear evolve. Sometimes that's they way it is with bear design. Snowdrop's face was pretty without the tiny eyelids, but a little voice in the back of my head told me to try them and hey presto, she burst into life! Fundamentally, Snowdrop is a classically styled teddy bear, but with a smidgeon of contemporary wizardry, she has become a totally modern Miss!

I will be working on more bears for Santa's Sack over the coming weeks and I'll be back to share them with you, as they come to life!

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  1. "everywhere there's a feeling of, "

    isn't that a line in one of the Christmas songs?? .... anyway... even if it isn't.... sing along...cuz it's true. I can't believe it either... I was holding back with the festive part of blogging for a bit..but no more...those poor girls in the U.S. still have a Thanksgiving celebration to do... yet they now have Christmas on their blogs..ahahha how do they do it? It would make me crazy...I am glad that in Canada our Thanksgiving is long gone and we can move on to the festive season with relative ease. Although I still think it is far too early to begin the Christmas carols in the stores at almost deafening decibels...ugh... they must drive the clerks bonkers by the 24th... I know I don't stay in any of those shops long...


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