Tuesday 6 November 2007

Posting Day.

You'd think a sellout show would mean I could have a rest afterwards wouldn't you? A chance to put my feet up for a day or two, catch up on some Zzzz's after all the long hours of preparation for the show and the lack of sleep on show day, but no such luck! Sunday was spent catching up on housework I had let slide the week before the show and yesterday was of course, posting day!

Preparing the bears to post to new owners is a fairly major operation. Firstly, all they all have to have special 'All Bear' swing tags sewn into their backs followed by a final brush to ensure they settle into their poly bags looking their best.

Needless to say, no sold bear can be boxed without having his sales details dutifully recorded on various spreadsheets, so my Monday morning was spent trying to keep my wits about me, as I entered all sales figures into a tax tracker spreadsheet, planned my cash flow for the coming month and updated my accounts accordingly.

Once all the head scratching and pen chewing was finished, I had to complete the relevant customs documents for all the bears due to travel overseas and postal documents for the inland bears, making doubly certain each bear was destined to reach his correct owner. (Confessions of a bear maker: only once have I ever switched bears and sent them to the wrong owners ... oh the shame of it!)

Next I had to find the parcel tape before delving into the garage and hauling out bubble wrap and boxes, whilst holding the door open with one foot so my kitten didn't get squashed in the heavy self-closing internal door as she battled through my ankles to try to beat me into the garage. No mean feat!

By the time I'd parcelled my furry travellers into their boxes, stuck 'fragile' tape all around in a hope that the delivery services would be gentle with them and addressed each box, I was starting to fanticise about a shoulder massage ... no time for such luxury though, the thought was reluctantly dismissed while I stacked the boxes in the hall and made do with a bowl of soup for sustenance instead.

Revitalised, it was time to squeeze the precious cargo into my very small car and drive across town to my favourite postmaster. He's such a gent, no matter what the queue, he always opens his security door to allow me to stack boxes in his office as soon as I arrive. I've often been asked why I don't have a collection service for the bears, but I believe in old-fashioned service and this little Post Office has been faithfully taking care of my bears en route to their destinations for many years. I am always welcomed in and courteously 'processed' and that is precisely why I take the trouble to heave my boxes across town.

Many local Post Offices are facing closure in the UK and it makes my blood boil. The Post Offices work hard to support local communities, offering us an invaluable service; to lose them would be wrong, plain and simple, so I try to do my bit to support my local Post Office, even if it isn't necessarily the most convenient option for me. After all, this Post Office has supported me and my work for many years and for that I am grateful.

The upshot of my Monday was that by tea-time most of the Winter Warmer bears were on their way by land and air, so, if you bought one of my show bears, I am very pleased to tell you he will be with you soon!

Time now for this bearmaker to return to the business of making bears. More bears? Yes, of course! Christmas is coming! Time for me to start planning new bears for the 'All Bear' website ...


  1. Oh sweet girlie, you have much more energy than I for bearsmithing at the moment. I think I have a serious case of Lackamotivation!

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

    P.S. Yay for you....selling out at the Winter Warmer show. You rock!!

  2. I've always wondered how the "bigguns" got off to their destination , thanks for that Paula !Post Offices closing is a big thing with me at the moment - I might have to rant about it on my blog !!!
    Hugs , Ruth

  3. Hello you two! Great to hear from you both! Aleta, I hope you find your motivation soon, we need more of your beauties to drool over!

    Ruth, I'm glad it's not just me ranting about Post Office closures ... I'll look forward to reading your rant too! Congrats on your Winter Warmer sales by the way - what beautiful minis they were! My favourite was your little cherub. Absolutely gorgeous! By the way, is your blog open for general reading? I can't find a link to it ... would love to pop in soon!

  4. Just nipped back to say "thank you" Paula for your lovely comments on the minis - our very own BAO Sandi is going to be Cherub's new Mum :0)
    My blog link appears under my (BAO ,TBF) forum posts if you'd like to add me - wasn't sure whether to just post it here LOL . I added my blog piece too !
    Huggies , Ruth


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