Wednesday 28 November 2007

Pin-up boy

My 'phone didn't stop ringing yesterday. It's odd, but since the introduction of email there are some weeks I can go from one end of the week to the other without so much as a single telephone call and then there are days when I might as well be attached to the 'phone by a piece of elastic! It's as though people suddenly feel a need to share real conversation, just in case, heaven forbid, the internet steals away the personal touch completely!

Two of the calls I received yesterday were from UK magazine advertising departments asking me if I would like to advertise with them ... I wonder if the new year is a tough time for raking in advertising revenue by any chance?! H
owever, I did give the possibility of advertising some serious thought and decided it wouldn't hurt to have my bases covered over the next couple of months, so promptly accepted the opportunity to book my usual small ad in Teddy Bear Scene magazine and the offer of a full page 'Pawtrait' in Teddy Bear Club International's gallery pages. I'm quite excited about the full page pin-up as you can imagine!

'Pawtrait Gallery' Teddy Bear Club International Gallery January 2008 issue

I spent ages choosing photos for both ads this morning and selected two beautiful pics of 'Gorgeous George' taken by Tina at our last photo shoot. Perfect pin-up material! I then settled down with a mug of coffee to battle the mysteries of 'Photoshop' so that I could create the smaller ad all by myself. It's a bit like learning a new language and every time I leave the programme, I think I've learned a tiny bit more through sheer frustrated determination but I'm far from confident with this software and could really do with some proper lessons to put it to more effective use; that way perhaps it wouldn't always take me quite so long to produce everything!

'Pawprints' ad Teddy Bear Scene magazine February 2008 issue

Anyhow, battling aside, I'm relieved to tell you I have finished the graphic work and this morning emailed the relevant files through to the magazines' advertising departments. All I have to do now is sit back and wait for publication! How exciting!

If you would like to purchase either of these specialist magazines, my full page ad will be published in the January issue of Teddy Bear Club International (on sale December 17th) and my little 'pawprints' ad will be found in the February issue of Teddy Bear Scene magazine, which will be on sale in January 2008. Both magazines can usually be found in WH Smiths, or alternatively can be purchased online by visiting the publishers' websites ... and


  1. That's a BEAUTIFUL result, Paula! You're obviously learning the Photoshop "language" well. Bravo, you!

  2. Ah Shelli, you say the nicest things! I'll keep trying and if I'm lucky maybe one day in the dim and distant future I'll be a tenth as good as you!!! LOL!!!


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