Thursday, 29 November 2007

Black and white chic

It's been a while since I last made a panda bear, so when I was asked to make one in time for Christmas recently, I jumped at the chance. This is 'Coco', a 15" panda cub, finished yesterday. I couldn't resist naming her in tribute to Coco Chanel and her fabulously stylish black and white haute couture. My little panda wears a simple sparkly flower necklace which looks perfect against her dense black mohair.

Making this little panda has set me thinking about another panda cub, but this time I want to work with very subtle colours ... peach and white should make a pretty Christmas panda, don't you think? Well, we'll see! I'll let you know how things progress in a day or two ...


  1. lovely panda Paula, can't wait to see the next one :) xx

  2. Thank you Catherine! It's good to hear you like Coco .. my little peachy panda is now finished too, I'll be introducing 'Angelica' in my next post.


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