Thursday, 14 July 2016

Rambling Inspiration

I have been enjoying my garden this summer, planting pots, pruning roses, sitting and breathing the summery scent.  It has been lovely to have my gardening mojo back as it went into hibernation when Dad passed away. Dad lived in a countryside cottage and was a keen gardener, often regaling me with stories of how his plants were doing and what he'd been up to in his garden ... he always preferred to be outdoors rather than in.  I think of him often these days, when I'm pottering in my own garden.  

Anyway, I digress!  Recently, I was admiring a honeysuckle I had planted in a big terracotta pot, in the hope it might climb and disguise a drainpipe.  This summer it climbed high, wrapping that boring black drainpipe with lovely soft green leaves and delighting me with dainty peach and pink flowers.

As often happens, nature kindly provided me with a teddy bear inspiration and my rambling honeysuckle led to 'Honeysuckle', a 19" teddy bear!

Full details for Honeysuckle may now be found on my website. 

I hope you enjoy your visit:


Update: Honeysuckle has been adopted.

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  1. Love Honeysuckle and great that you got the inspiration for him in that way x


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