Monday, 8 July 2013

Hey Sista, Go Sista!

I was invited to my niece's 'hen-do' on Saturday and much as I tried my best to wriggle out of the nightclub element of the saucy shinanigins, after a Chinese meal in town, somehow found myself sat among a gaggle of about sixteen girlies, barely bedecked in Moulin Rouge style burlesque corsets in a local nightclub.

Bride-to-be Leah, 'Yummy Mummy' (my sister Fo) saucy sister 'Luscious Lips Lauren' and cheeky cousins Kezzilicious Kerri, 'Sugar Honey Han' and 'Fanny Fanackerpants Fay', vamp it up in town.

It was fun to see the girls partying hard, but by gum did it make me feel the years!

'Sugar Honey' & 'Fanny Fanackerpants' hit the town!

My daughter and niece livin' it large!

The girls hit the dance floor (and my sis and I decide it's time to discreetly leave them to have their fun, while we dial the taxi bus to make our escape!)

Leah's mum Fo and I managed about an hour in the nightclub, then discreetly called the 'party bus' to be rescued from the girls' lively antics by Fo's lovely partner (and my buddy!) Simon, who generously put himself on taxi service all day and night to ensure sure Leah's guests were safely escorted to and fro in style at their leisure.  He even gave his mini bus a special 'hen-do' makeover with sparkly feather boas, party drinks and snacks and flashing butterfly lights on the ceiling; that man is a star!

Soon to be married, my gorgeous niece Leah.

It was great fun to share Leah's 'Hen Night' and I am so pleased she had a fun time with all her important girlies (and honorary 'girlies' .. thank you Leah, lol!) but I think I ought to accept my night club days are best left in the corner of my memory marked 'Forever 21'!

An excited bride-to-be!

Leah and her fiance Gary will marry in church in August, which means there should be just enough time for the stag and hen hangovers to settle, before full blown wedding panic sets in!

Leah and Gary

I am a very proud auntie and so looking forward to seeing my niece walk down the aisle in her beautiful white dress.  Leah and Gary are a lovely couple who have earned their special wedding day and a lovely long life together.  

Wishing them a fabulous day in August!

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  1. It looks like they all had a fabulous time! Leah and Gary are such a cute couple--I wish them all the best. I must admit though, that I'm most impressed with Simon's "hen-do" to the minivan!! What a great guy!!



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