Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Autumn, all stitched up.

At this time of year, as twilight falls early and flipflops make way for fluffy slippers, the tv planners have a dreadful habit of scheduling football.  In case I haven't mentioned it before, I should tell you, I hate football!  So, while Stuart and my son grunt and groan at the tv, I find myself tuning them out as I reach for my knitting needles.  There's something very reassurring about the gentle 'clack, clack' of a pair of bamboo needles, whilst sat, curtains closed, coccooned in the cosy glow of my living room.  With my 'Magical Mayhem' show (mini show!) planned for All Hallowes Eve, I now have the perfect excuse for indulging in a little knitting and am working on a snuggly orange and black 'bat' sweater for a small bear ... with a little luck it should be cute!  I even have some sweet little pumpkin buttons to detail it with.

Knitting a teddy sweater for Halloween

Rather than make too much of a fuss about the football, I'm planning to use the time to brush up my needle skills from the comfort of my armchair.  This year, I thought I would enjoy some simple embroidery as well as my knitting.  As it's been a long time since I embroidered anything more complicated than a bear's nose, I hunted online and found a great 'doodle' book to get me get started with a little free form stitchery - I've also ordered an embroidery stitches encyclopaedia, which is on its way to me.  I think they may ultimately help give me an added dimension to my raggy dolls.  We'll see! 

'Doodle Stitching' by Aimee Ray

And when my poor old hands begin to complain about all the needle activity, I'll put my feet up and use the time to flick through a few of my favourite crafting magazines with a mug of hot chocolate ...

Soft Dolls & Animals, Teddy Bear & Friends and Australian Bear Creations magazines

Yep, I think I have these chilly Autumn evenings all stitched up!


  1. Oh I'm envious of the bear magazines! They're so hard to find around here!!

    I'm just going to have to break down and subscribe... which I don't mind in regard to the magazines, but am a bit sad, because half the fun of getting reading material is going to the bookstore to get it!

  2. Looking at all your fun activities you have to do and all those lovely mags you have to read who wants to watch boring old football anyway!!!!


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