Thursday, 1 October 2009

Old Faithful

'Old Faithful'

Before I put on my pointy hat and cast a spell over my witch's cauldron to create the 'Magical Mayhem' show bears, I want to share this lovely chap with you.  He's called 'Old Faithful' and was commissioned by a collector in the States.  I finished work on him yesterday; he's made from beautiful dense alpaca, which is a fabulous fabric for creating the most 'teddy' of teddy bears. 

'Old Faithful' will be jetting off tomorrow to meet his new owner in America!

20" 'Old Faithful', a special commission.

Right, time now for me to create a little hubble bubble before Halloween!


  1. what a very handsome teddy, love him Paula x

  2. awww, I want a cuddle please :)

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm delighted you like him!

  4. Your bears so big!!! I want to hug him someday ... :)

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