Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Casting her spell ...

Oh dear, this mischievous little witch stole Tuesday afternoon too!  There's no stopping her now, the twinkle in her eye tells me I will have to finish her quicksmart - before she meddles with my bear making schedule too much more.  She seems to be casting spells already and the naughty miss is not even dressed yet!

Bewitching green eyes ...

Bad hair day!

One shameless witchypoo doll wearing 'nowt but her stockings and pointy boots!


  1. Hi Paula, Your witchypoo is adorable but I must say I am in love with your bears.... great photo's too.

    Blessings Maggie =)
    Cedar Hill Rustics

  2. fantastic face Paula,such fun.
    Catherine x

  3. Hi Maggie, Hi Catherine! Great to hear from you both and thank you for your kind comments x

    Hey Maggie, it's lovely to know you are enjoying my bear pics! Thank you!

  4. Paula I am in love with Witchie Poo!!! Awesome job, can't wait to see her all dressed :)


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