Friday, 24 October 2008

UK Teddy Bear Guide 2009 OUT NOW!

The 2009 UK Teddy Bear Guide has just been published and is now available from

The UK Teddy Bear Guide 2009

This is a terrific paperback publication, full to bursting with bear businesses both in the UK and overseas. Published by our esteemed Hugglets team, Glen and Irene Jackman, for an amazing 22nd year, this edition has been fully revised and updated with 116 new entries and contains many more contact and product changes. It details bear artists, bear shops, bear related suppliers, bear publications, bear shows ... you name it, the list goes on! The UK Teddy Bear Guide carries full contact details including website addresses and is a 'must have' for anyone interested in the bear world. It also contains 2 free tickets for each of the prestigious Hugglets Festivals!

My 'All Bear' advertisement featured on the left page!

Naturally, as soon as I had ripped the jiffy bag containing my copy open, I flicked straight to the 'Bear Makers and Artists' section to find my 'Victor' advertisement. Fortunately for me, I'm listed alphabetically on the first page of this category (no, that wasn't a happy accident, it was a carefully contrived plan when I was selecting 'All Bear' as my trading name!) so finding my ad was easy and I must say, I'm absolutely delighted with how it looks on the page!

I do hope you will purchase a copy of the 2009 Guide ... believe me, it will be £5.95 well spent! Right, that's my sales pitch done, now I'm off to read my copy from cover to glorious cover!

05.11.09 Guide Update: if you would like a copy of the Hugglets Guide, please let me know as I now have several copies 2009 available for sale.


  1. I received a copy yesterday and read it right through! Brilliant!
    I'm hoping to go to the show in February. I'd better start saving now!

  2. I'm terribly envious of your placement! Your ad looks great too. I've yet to splash out on a colour ad. I just have a text entry.

    Ahhhh, I've always wondered if 'All Bear' was a carefully thought out trading name! Wish I'd been so clever!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  3. Paula, do you still have any copies of the Guide available for purchase?
    Thanks! Diane


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