Monday, 13 October 2008

Diamond Days

Pretty Teston Bridge, built of Kentish ragstone pre 1300

As Sunday was such a beautiful day here in Kent, there really was only one sensible thing to do ... (after I'd washed my son's entire footy team's kit, pegging out a zillion black knee socks and goodness knows how many shorts and shirts ... not a job for those of a weak disposition I can tell you!) and that was to grab my camera and take off along the river a lovely long walk. This time we began our great escape ten minutes drive from home at historic Teston Bridge, following the River Medway as it meanders towards the village of Wateringbury; which, by the way, was where we found diamonds sparkling on the river!

Teston Lock built 1911

View of the Medway, looking over my shoulder towards Teston ... I've come to the conclusion the best views are often found over my shoulder!

... and the view upstream towards Wateringbury

Swanning along the river at Wateringbury

My beautiful Autumn diamonds!

Stunning views across the Medway

The field of sheep we inadvertently stumbled through when we mislaid our path homewards!

Views of historic Teston Bridge

The gorgeous autumn weather of recent days has definitely made compensation for our soggy British summer. I don't mind admitting I have absolutely loved rambling through the blazing colour of our local countryside and despite aching legs and feet, I slept like a log last night and am now completely re-invigorated. Autumn days are such a tonic!


  1. Heavenly countryside! Lovely pics, Paula.

  2. Beautiful pictures Paula ~ loved the Autumn diamonds on the water and the swans.


  3. Had many good walks there by the river with our hoomans! That was when we found out it was a bit deeper than expected and ended up swimming upstream rather than paddling!!!
    Molly and Taffy.

  4. I'm so pleased you all enjoyedthe pictures! Sometimes it's too easy to forget that within a short walk or drive from home, there is beautiful countryside to be enjoyed, particularly when you live as close to a town as I do (and you too Molly and Taffy - that water did look deep by the way!!!!)


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