Friday, 10 October 2008

Autumn whispers

I'm working hard on my show bears at the moment, so things are pretty 'hush hush' in the All Bear workroom I'm afraid! These bears won't be revealed until the big day (Nov 15th) and much as I'd love to, I really can't tell you very much about them yet. The most I can whisper is that I have some absolutely beautiful mohair to work with and my first big 'un is now complete. He's a handsome chap and I'm very pleased with him. Ooops, I let a secret slip, now you know he's a he!

Felted leaves, an autumn bear corsage

After my lovely ramble through the autumn leaves in Mote Park on Wednesday, I was inspired to spend a little time yesterday afternoon contriving a simple autumnal adornment for one of my new bears. Like the magpie I am, I collected a few fallen leaves from the park, then traced them onto card and cut out simple felt leaf shapes to stitch with some pretty beaded 'veins'. Eh voila! They were fun to make and I may well use the same idea to create some holly leaves nearer to Christmas ... which it seems, is drawing closer at alarming pace!

'Archibald' pictured sitting with big buddy 'Elgar' on my top shelf

I'm delighted to be able to tell you dear little Archibald will be relocating to the US to join his old friend 'Cornelius', so his days on my top shelf safely nestled next to big buddy 'Elgar', will soon be over. I'm hoping sweet natured 'Bertie' will also find his special someone over the next few days and with this in mind, have battled on with and listed him at auction. If you would like to visit Bertie's auction page, this is the link:

Update: Sorry, link has been removed as Bertie sold today before any bids were placed at auction. I have cancelled his auction listing.

'Bertie' ... now hoping to find his special someone at auction on Ebay

Well, that's about it for me today. I have heaps of bear making to be getting on with; not only do the the 'Ho Ho Oh Bearz' online show bears have to be created, but also two new shop exclusive bears for 'Edwina's Friends'. Just between you, me and the garden gatepost, these bears will be big 'uns and will be making their way to Kathy the owner, at the beginning of November in plenty of time for the Christmas rush!


  1. Thank you so much for visiting and signing our guestbook.

    Bertie looks a handsome bear. How can you part with them? I am sure I would end up keeping them all. Those faces look at you and speak volumes.

    Many a time I have wanted to buy a bear and the shop assistant would pass the wrong one to me and I would say "no, not that one, it isn't saying take me home"

    One day the men in white coats will come and take me away!!!

    H. Molly and Taffy

  2. Love the leaves you did Paula ,very pretty !
    Louise x

  3. Wat grayte Bears!!!!

    Mummy is very imprest wiv how yu did the leeves. Sheez off to find sum fallen leeves to dror rownd now!!!



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