Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Lightbulb moments

Although the sun streams through the window of my sewing room on some afternoons, lately I have noticed my eyes straining while I work, because the days are becoming shorter and the afternoons darker.

I'd heard about daylight simulation lamps and last weekend decided the time had come to investigate the benefits of working by simulated natural light.

I'm nothing if not cautious and was initially horrified to discover the lamp I liked would cost almost one hundred pounds if ordered from the internet; the best deal I could find online was just under eighty pounds. Ouch! Deciding I'd like to see the lamp firsthand before parting with that kind of cash, I took a trip to my local Hobbycraft store and what did I find? There was my lamp priced at just under fifty pounds! What a difference! So, the moral of my story is, it really does pay to shop around for craft equipment and it isn't always cheaper on the internet.

Naturally I purchased the lamp there and then, brought it home and once assembled, found the ideal place for it on my work table. I used the lamp to work with for the first time yesterday and can report that it really does ease eye strain. The daylight bulb is comfortable to work with, keeping colours true, ensuring headache free crafting time, oh and it's perfect for thread matching! This particular lamp comes with a bendy magnifying glass attachment, ideal for my forty-something eyes which aren't quite ready for specs yet. It enabled me to stitch a beautiful nose on my latest bear yesterday, without so much as a squint. Heaven!

It's been a week for treats and last week, I couldn't resist a new craft book to add to my collection. I love craft books and found this one on Ebay for a few pounds. It's full to bursting with pretty eye candy and I will certainly be immersing myself in the pages (under my daylight lamp of course!) with a nice cup of coffee, whenever I fancy a creative dip.

I've had one more treat to myself this week too ... ssssshhhhhh!!!!
A daily splash of Cartier's 'So Pretty' perfume must help my creative process surely?


  1. I think I really , really need a daylight lamp too Paula ! It would be great to be able to colour match in the depths of winter without practically standing outside to do it !!
    Hugs , Ruth

  2. I think it would be a really useful tool for your teeny tiny work Ruth ... your eyes must work very hard to make such little 'uns!

  3. Paula, you won't know yourself with the daylight lamp. I got the compact folding one as a gift a couple of years ago and wouldn't (and couldn't) live without it now. I even take it when I go away. Mine has been in constant use for over two years and is still on the original bulb. That book looks gorgeous too!

  4. Hey... a girl's gotta feel kind of girlie once in while... the scent I love is Estee Lauder White Linen.

    I really like your ad too Paula... he is the perfect bear for it.

  5. A portable! Of course Melissa, now why didn't I think of that! :o)

    Vee, I must check out that perfume, I love Estee Lauder's 'Knowing' and also 'Youth Dew', so 'White Linen' might be perfect for me too ... greedy eh? Ah well, I guess we all have our little vices! ;o)


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