Wednesday, 20 July 2016

We're having a heatwave!

As pavements sizzled and temperatures bubbled into the 90's here in Kent yesterday, there was nothing for it but to dip my toes and join my Grandson for a welcome paddle.

With a parasol to shade us and water to cool us, we managed to enjoy our afternoon safely.  Polly and Betty (my golden retrievers), slept indoors on the kitchen floor for most of the day, instinctively hiding themselves away from the scorching rays until sunset, when it felt fresh enough to take them for a lovely walk around our local bean field.

It is so warm here this week, working on my teddy bears isn't an option, so best to eat ice lollies, dip toes in the paddling pool and enjoy the Mediterranean blue sky from beneath my garden parasol!  I've no doubt we will soon be treated to the 'crash bang flash' of heatwave thunderstorms and until then, we intend to stay as cool and sunburn free as possible.

Normal bear-making service will resume again shortly, just as soon as this sizzling weather eases ... phew!


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