Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hip hip hooray!

It's time for me to get back into full-on bear gear ... the all-important Hugglets 'Teddies 2013' show in September is creeping onto my horizon and I have customers' orders to finish before I can start work on my Autumn crop.  Word to the wise for any bear maker planning to adopt a puppy, they sure do knock a hole in your production!  

19" Melba

Thankfully, Julie the owner of 'Teddy Bear Hollow' in Loughborough, has been very understanding, waiting patiently for her shop exclusive bears since the Spring.  I am so grateful to Julie for her patience and relieved to have at last completed two large bears who will arrive in store tomorrow ... (now to finish work on Julie's remaining four smaller bears!) 

17" Georgie

After almost twenty years of bear making, it is sometimes tricky to conjure up names for bears, but I hope you'll agree, 'Melba' suits her pretty peach mohair and as Prince George of Cambridge, a future King of England, was born yesterday, I have called my other bear 'Georgie' in celebration of this happy event! 

Congratulations to Wills and Kate.  
May our new Prince have a safe and happy future.  
Hip hip, hooray!!!


  1. wow what a wonderful work, wonderful bears. i like the white one a little bit more that the other, but all your bears are wonderful

    regard from sylvia


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