Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back to School!

So it will be back to school for me this summer!  Well not just me ... at nineteen weeks of age, Polly is fast approaching the 'testing teens', so I've taken the plunge and booked an appointment with professional dog trainer Kevin.  We spent two hours deep in doggy conversation yesterday while Kevin put us through our paces, planning how best to polish Polly's lead manners and generally teach me to help my cheeky pup become a polite young lady. 

Poor ol' Poll was so tired after concentrating all morning, she slept like a log all afternoon!  Heel work, clicker training, staying, coming, fixed and variable treating ... goodness me, there's a lot for us to learn!

We will be joining one of Kevin's very popular outdoor obedience classes in August.  As a police dog trainer of many years standing he comes highly recommended, but most importantly as far as I'm concerned, Polly responded well to him. 

Me 'n Poll began our formal lead practice this morning before breakfast; there will be no more 'Polly walking Paula' in the future - listen up pup, Mum's back in the driving seat!

I'll keep you updated with progress reports when me 'n Polly start school, but in the meantime, Polly girl, we need words ... that bench is for Mum to sit on, not you!


  1. Oh Paula she is gorgeous. She will be even better with training and you will have a well behaved girl for all her life.

  2. Hi Paula,

    Good luck with Polly's training. I'm sure it will be a delight when you can 'drive' and she can follow. I have faith that you will be an excellent student and Polly too! I'm looking forward to hearing about her classes.


  3. Well done to you both and I'm sure you will find it enjoyable and fun:o)) This trainer is his name Kevin Rowe?
    Take care and have a good day.
    Hugs Lyn x


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