Thursday, 9 October 2008

National Poetry Day

It's National Poetry Day here in the UK, so I would like to share share this perceptive poem by one of my favourite poets, Roger McGough.

You and I
by Roger McGough

I explain quietly.
You hear me shouting.
You try a new tack.
I feel old wounds reopen.
You see both sides.
I see your blinkers.
I am placatory.
You sense a new selfishness.
I am a dove.
You recognize the hawk.
You offer an olive branch.
I feel the thorns.
You bleed.
I see crocodile tears.
I withdraw.
You reel from the impact.


  1. Hullo! Hehe! Cor! My Mummy waz born in Walderslade an remembers wen the woods stretched up towards Maidstone. She walked in them wen she waz littol. SHe remembers Mote PArk too. I like yor fotoes :@)

    It's good to heer yu liv wiv a Gillingham serpporter. Duzz this meen all yor Bears serpport Gills too? Wa-heyyy! It must be frantik on match days, bloo pants in a frolik evryware!

    I hope yu come bak an see my blog agen soon. It's allways good to meet a fellow Bear blogger, an a Bear dokter too! WOW!

    Nose hugs!

    Bob :@)

  2. Wow, I think I need a language course in 'bearspeake'!

    Glad you enjoyed the photos b.t bear (esq.)!

    As for the Gills, I have to confess, there is only one supporter in this house and he isn't very furry. ;o)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Fab piccies! I am very jealous. I must take my camera out for fun instead of work!


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