Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mote Park, Oh what a beautiful morning!

Mote Park
When I drove Puddle across town to the vet for her annual vaccinations earlier today, I had every intention of coming straight home afterwards and starting work - honestly, I did! But after a week spent cooped up in the house with no sign of a sunbeam, the glorious autumn morning I discovered out in the big wide world lured me straight back into my car. As soon as Puddle Cat had been safely deposited back home, I stuffed my little Canon Ixus camera in my pocket, pointed my car in the direction of Mote Park and slipped my shackles for a soul nourishing hour of fresh air, warm golden sunshine and beautifully rich autumnal scenery.

Perfect for 'Poohsticks'!

Strolling around the lake in this beautiful parkland always brings back so many memories; Mote Park has been part of my world for more than thirty years but while I'm there, by some trick of the light the years fall magically away and it feels like only yesterday when my children were snuggled into their anoraks and wellies, playing poohsticks under the little stone bridge one minute then dashing off to collect leaves, acorns, conkers and anything else they could cram into their little pockets the next! Happy times.

I hope you have enjoyed keeping me company on my morning walk and if you ever happen to be passing through Maidstone, do please treat yourself to a stroll around the Mote Park lake, then just sit awhile and take in the tranquility ... as 'tis said, the best things in life are free!


  1. Looks a lovely park Paula - you are lucky to have such a beautiful place so close to you, and one with such happy memories too!

  2. Hi Jackie! It really is a beautiful park and I have loved it since I was a youngster. It's beautiful in all seasons and somewhere I have spent a great deal of time over the years. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the photographs!

  3. Lovely pictures Paula! Autumn really is beautiful when the sun shines and it is so good to be able to spend time outdoors!

  4. Looks like a grayte spot fer a Bear piknik :@)

  5. Living to the West of Maidstone (Allington)I am wondering why I have left it so long since visiting Mote Park. Your photos have made we want to go again and take my dogs for a good walk.

    As an Arctophile I have to say how beautiful your bears are. You are very gifted.


  6. BEAUTIFUL photos as always, Paula!
    The leaves here in Stockport are just turning, so I may venture out with the camera myself soon....


  7. Hello H! A fellow Allington resident eh? Good to hear from you! Thank you for popping in!

    Lynda, Anji, lovely to hear from you! It's gorgeous here again today ... no escape for me though, too much work to do!

    B.T Bear (esq.) you're absolutely right, it's a great spot for a teddy bear picnic! In fact, I used to take my bears there often to photograph them ... can be a bit dangerous with some of the dogs out walking who show a great deal of interest though!


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