Saturday, 11 October 2008

Incy Wincy Spider

I think the garden spiders' must have had a wonderful Autumn party during the wee small hours because this morning, delicate spiders' lace adorns my trees and shrubs! I tried to photograph the webs, but boy, are they elusive to my camera lens, even on the macro setting. I've done my best in the few minutes I spent getting my slippers soggy on the dew soaked grass, but it's times like this when I could definitely do with a few professional photographic pointers ...

So pretty and so very delicate!

These beautiful webs have reminded me of the vintage 'lace collars to knit and crochet' book I bought a few months ago, so now I'm feeling inspired to weave some dainty lace of my own!


  1. WOW! I think yor fotoes ar brillient!

    Me an Daddy ar off to the match today. Haz harf yor howsehold gon too? I trust yu ar warin bloo pants in serpport.

  2. Love the pics of the spider webs, such intricate work for something that may not last the day!
    Ginie :-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the pics ... just wish I could have been a bit more arty with them!

    Sorry Bob, got to disappoint you here, no blue Gills' support pants were worn in the making of that post! ;o)


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