Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Ho Ho! Devilishly sneaky peek!

I'm dying to shout from the rooftops that after what feels like an eternity spent tucked away in my workroom, my 'Ho Ho Oh Bearz' show bears are at last complete! I spent yesterday making my slippers soggy in the garden (will I never learn? Morning dew is WET Paula!) as I photographed my lovely new collection before plonking myself on my swivel chair in the afternoon, to prepare their details in readinness for the big event - you would not believe how long those final admin jobs take to get just right!

Ho Ho Oh Bearz' show bears - devilishly sneaky peek! (It is almost Halloween after all!)

I know this will drive you nuts and for that I apologise (chuckling wickedly here!) but I can't resist sharing a sneaky peek of my five special show bears ... it really is terribly sneaky though, sorry!

I do hope you will be able to join in the fun on the 15th and 16th November. In case you haven't yet bookmarked it, here's a link to the Oh Bearz show page:

Link to Oh Bearz website

You will find a comprehensive list of global start times listed on the Oh Bearz website (it begins at 10pm here in the UK and 5pm in Canada) so please check it through carefully to make sure you are certain of the show start time for your own country's time zone - that way you won't miss the start of the show!


  1. Fiendish! we'll just have to be patient I suppose! Good luck with the on-line show. I'll be 'tuning in' of course, but we are out at a 'do' when the show starts so it will be Saturday morning before I can get there. D'oh!

  2. Hi Lynda! I hope you have a lovely 'do' and you get back in time to see the show ... it starts at 10pm on Saturday 15th in the UK ... so there's a chance!


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