Thursday, 2 October 2008

A Grounding

Thank you to everyone who recently took the time to let me know they have enjoyed reading 'Bearing All', by taking part in the little poll I've been running. There was one dissenter considerate enough to click the 'no' button, thus setting my feet firmly back on the ground lest all the positives send my ego soaring ... so thank you 'one', whoever you are!

In view of the fact 'Bearing All' is now receiving many, many, visitors from all around the globe (I have even had visits from such unlikely places as Slovenia and Kazakstan!) I am more than happy to keep tapping away at my keyboard!


  1. I for one , love to visit your blog regularly Paula - it's a must for me to touch base with "the top" !!
    Happy blogging , Ruth x

  2. Oh Ruth, you say the nicest, daftest things!!!! It's always lovely to hear from you and as you know, I really enjoy reading your blog too!


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