Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ad break

The November issue of 'Teddy Bear and Friends' magazine dropped onto my doormat yesterday and in the 'Artists' Showcase' section is my latest advertisement. I'm very pleased with the way it stands out on the page (thanks to Tina's lovely 'Victor' photograph!) and hope it will help to spread the 'All Bear' word throughout America and beyond.

Teddy Bear and Friends Nov/Dec 2008 issue, on sale now!

By the way, my last advertisement for this year will be published in 'Australian Bear Creations' Nov/Dec issue, on sale from Woodlands Publishing on the 8th November and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in print.

I have been hunting through some back issues of teddy bear magazines today and could kick myself because despite clambering up into the loft space to ferret through my trunks, I still can't find my copies of the bear mags which over the years published articles on both 'All Bear' and 'Auntie Bears' ... I am particularly upset at losing the early Auntie Bears articles as you can imagine. I think I must have accidentally sent the mags to the dump during the intense pressure of moving house the year before last and sadly, I haven't been able to locate copies of those issues on the internet yet. I am hoping I will at least manage to find the millenium (January 2000) issue of 'Teddy Bear Times' magazine, because that particular issue contained a lovely article I wrote about my Chiltern Bears and I remember being delighted when it was published in the very first issue of the new millenium! I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for the early 'Teddy Bear Club International' magazine (published mid/late 90's) containing our first 'Auntie Bears' article to turn up one day, but as neither magazine is in publication any longer, I realise it may take me a while to locate them. I'll let you know if I find them ...
'Gently' my 1997 Teddy Bear Times cover star! (Issue 47) Shown here with two 'Teddy Bear Scene' issues (2004 & 2006) featuring my bears - top left insert pics.All was not quite lost in the house move though, I'm pleased to say I did succeed in finding my very first ever front cover for the 'Teddy Bear Times' magazine up in those dusty trunks! 'Gently' was a lovely big bear, about 26" from memory. I don't remember where he went to live, but I do remember being thrilled to bits when I saw he had been given the front cover of TBT in October 1997!

Teddy Bear Times magazine - issue 49 February 1998

Before I go back upstairs to work on my show bears, I thought you might like to see an early 'Auntie Bears' advertisement from 1998 ... I can't remember if this was our first attempt at magazine advertising, but I think it probably was. Back then my sister Fiona and I enjoyed being able to take larger ads, conveniently splitting the cost between us. Very handy!


  1. Hi Paula

    I may have one of those mags with your early articles in. That is, a few of the very first bear mags I bought back in the 90s are still at my Mum's house, fingers crossed that it's there. I'll have a look at Christmas if you haven't located them before then.

  2. That's so kind of you Melissa! Thank you! I'll continue to try Ebay in the meantime, in the hope that the old adage 'everything turns up on Ebay one day', will eventually prove true!

  3. I wish I could help, Paula, but I wasn't buying bear mags back then.
    Maybe a 'please help' letter to TBCI mag might be an idea?


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