Monday, 8 April 2019

Commissioning a Tweedy Ted

I was recently commissioned to make a Tweedy Ted. My customer chose her favourite Harris tweed fabrics and hey presto, this fab new bear emerged!

 I think the plain dark teal made a super contrast for the snazzy pinks and purple stripe ... he has been such a fun bear to create! He doesn't have a name just yet because his new owner is going to name him herself. Commissions can be such a lovely collaboration! This week, I plan to return to my mohair stash. I'm not yet sure exactly what I will make, but am looking forward to finding out as my thoughts unfold ... 

Tweedy Ted in progress..

In other news, my weekend flew by in a flurry of birthday celebrations for Mum, housework, shopping, dog walks and a trip to the theatre with my daughter, to see 'Avenue Q' (an adult puppet show which made my toes curl)!

My latest collection of mohair and cloth bears,
 sitting in a quiet corner of my workroom

After such a busy weekend, I don't mind telling you, I am a little tired today, so after a run down to the playing fields with Polly, Betty and her ball, I will be very much looking forward to a quiet afternoon in my workroom planning new bears ... and of course, introducing them to you, when they come to life!

My latest Tweedy Teds

If you think you might like to commission a teddy bear, either a Tweedy Ted or a mohair bear, I would love to hear from you. To begin with, all you need to do is visit my website, click on the 'Commissions' page and drop me a line outlining the type of teddy bear you have in mind and his size. I will have a think, source fabric suggestions and start the process of planning your bear with you. It really is as simple as that to have an artist designed teddy bear created especially for you!  

I hope to hear from you soon x


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