Monday 8 October 2018

Don't bug me!

It should probably be said, I am not the biggest fan of all things bug, but when my soon-to-be four year old Grandson decided he would like a bug themed birthday party, it's safe to say there wasn't a bug large enough on the planet, to stop this proud Nana from accepting her invitation!

It was a complete joy to watch Toby experience his special 'bug roadshow' party. He was thrilled to meet 'The Bug Man' and his amazing insect friends. It was a day I am certain, he will never forget!

Given that Toby and his pals are usually typically boisterous lads, it was amazing to see them all so inquisitive, yet so gentle handling the big wriggly bugs!

My own kids have always enjoyed the natural world and grown up as they now are, they were excited to meet the big bugs too ...

Watching my son and daughter's own delight as they carefully held these amazing insects, reminded me of their childhood, when their Dad would call them into the garden to inspect caterpillars, or chrysalis he came across. Those early experiences stayed with my kids and I love how this fascination with nature now passes to my Grandson.

Not only were there bugs to meet yesterday, with the help of Toby's Granny, my lovely daughter-in-law worked hard to create a fabulous bug themed chocolate birthday cake for her son and laid out a tasty bug style party table ... there was even bug coloured jelly and insect fruit kebabs!

The little ones had great fun turning a couple of willing adult volunteers into chrysalis by wrapping them from top to toe in toilet paper and they also made moth brooches and raced around the hall on Scuttlebug bicycles, while our youngest party goer, my four month old Granddaughter, played happily with insect themed sensory activities, created by her clever Mummy.

Thank you for coming to the party Great Auntie Fo and Co.
It was lovely to spend special bug time with you and your family and especially fun to see my great nieces enjoying the bug games!

Toby had a super time at his party and for me, it was an opportunity to share happy time with the people I love most in the world.

Thank you for inviting Nana to your special bug party Toby. 
I had a fab time and wouldn't have missed it for the world ... bugs 'n all!!!


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