Friday 19 October 2018

Autumn, season of mists and .. pandas?

I'm not sure why, but it has been a good few years since I last made any pandas, so this Autumn, I have tried to rectify that situation with a handful of these rather striking teddy bears!

First there was Bamboo, a beautiful gentle panda bear created in soft shades of brown and cream.

After Bamboo, I then received a special request from a collector for a pink and chocolate brown panda ... which turned out to be a truly delicious colour combination and was named 'Luna' by her delighted new owner.

As I watched leaves turning orange, red and gold on my recent daily walks with the dogs, I couldn't resist one more panda before Winter sets in and I had the perfect coppery coloured mohair waiting in my workroom! My latest panda is called 'Conkers' and for me, he is a celebration of Autumn, a season I love. He is a stunning teddy bear currently looking for his special someone and now available to purchase from my website ...

Autumn, may well be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, but it also seems to be the perfect season for pandas!


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