Monday, 15 May 2017

The important little things

Goodness it's been a busy weekend ... fun though!

I especially loved strolling through our local nature reserve with my family and dogs on Saturday afternoon. Toby, my grandson, now a determined and chucklesome two year old, bravely scooted his way along the paths on his 'balance bike', stopping often to search for spiders, 'dinosaur' leaves, sticks and bugs. His Uncle and Daddy couldn't resist teaching him how to climb a tree, (boys will always be boys after all) and he kept us all entertained with his lovely sense of curiosity and natural enthusiasm for everything around him. In fact I think we all enjoyed the privilege of witnessing the wonders of the natural world from the vantage point of such young eyes. There's nothing quite like a youngster for making everyone stop in their tracks to take notice of the important little things in life!


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