Monday, 29 May 2017

On the prowl

At a little over twelve weeks of age, our young Rodney is fast learning how to be a cat ... and a dog! He has decided he prefers to hang out with Polly and Betty, rather than our older cat Puddle, as she's still a bit grumpy with him but the dogs love him and he loves them right back. In fact he has even opted to share their big bed at night. He's a cheeky scamp, that's for sure!

Yesterday evening, our intrepid explorer succeeded in slipping into the garden as we were enjoying the last of the day's warmth with a glass of cider and the obligatory barbecue, so I decided to let him explore for a while and grabbed my camera to record his first moments outside in the big wide world ...

He wasn't sure about the feel of grass under his paws to begin with, but soon got the hang of things and had a lovely time prowling through the shrubs.

He looked just like a mini tiger, crouching with ears pricked and eyes saucer wide whenever he spied a bird, I have a feeling our local feathered residents had better pack up and ship out for the Summer - just to be on the safe side you understand!

Mind you, if he continues to climb my trouser legs and new curtains with those sharp little claws, he will have his garden privileges rescinded before they've even been officially granted ... naughty boy!

Rodney is now one of the family and all you would hope for from a scrappy ginger tom-cat, full of mischief, affectionate, bold, bright and curious. Definitely my kinda of cat!


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